CW_Aesir for Genesis 8 Male

CW_Aesir for Genesis 8 Male

CW_Aesir for Genesis 8 Male

Young, rebellious and maladjusted !
Swim against the current to live,
learn to live and find your own way.
This character represents all of that.
Aesir is a young man who still has to find his place,
who does not want to adapt and who has to take a lot for it.
Swimming against the current is exhausting and often ends in a fight.
You can find the wounds in an impressively realistic representation in the materials.
The imprint of a slap, the bruises under the eye and on other parts of the body,
red knuckles and a bloody nose. Aesir is a handsome rebel, with whom you suffer,
fight and who, with his wild, non-conformist manner, conquers your heart by storm.
Whether in a fantasy render or in the urban world.

What’s Included:

– CW_Aesir Full Character Genesis 8 Male

Shaping Presets:

– CW_Aesir Full Apply/Rem
– CW_Aesir Head Apply/Rem
– CW_Aesir Body Apply/Rem
– CW_Aesir Eyebrow
– CW_Aesir Eyelashes Apply/Rem
– CW_Aesir Nipples Apply/Rem
– CW_Aesir Navel Apply/Rem
– CW_Aesir Ears Apply/Rem

Material Iray Options for Genesis 8 Male:

– CW_Aesir MAT Iray Skin

– 08 Eye Colors
– 10 Brows Colors
– 04 different Eyelashes Color
– 02 Skin
– 02 Gens/Skin

Options LIE presets:
– 01 Blush LIE
– 01 Ears_Blush LIE
– 01 Face Freckles LIE
– 03 different Face Scar LIE
– 01 Legs_Scar LIE
– 01 Torso_Scar LIE
– 01 Bloody Face LIE
– 02 Bruise on the back of the hand Right/Left LIE
– 02 Bruises on the Body LIE
– 08 Blue Spots on the Eye Right/Left LIE
– 02 Blue spot on the knee Riht/Left LIE

Note;The LIE appear when rendering

CW_Aesir for Genesis 8 Male

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