CW_Viljo for Genesis 8 Male

CW_Viljo for Genesis 8 Male

Viljo is a scholar and advises the elf king.
To do this, he tears through the country and can follow his passion for old books,
finding magical artifacts and searching for legends and mythical creatures.
Anyone who expected an old wise man with a white beard is completely wrong.
Viljo is an elf in his prime, sexy and intelligent in a mix that makes him irresistible.
Extensive material such as six skin colors and
a sexy 3-day beard and much more invite you to put Viljo in the scene again and
again and he doesn’t just feel at home in the fantasy genre.
Cyberpunk and Urban.Life also suit him well.
You’re guaranteed to think of something about this interesting, sexy character.
Have lots of fun with it

– CW_Viljo Full Character Genesis 8 Male (You need to load the eyebrow separately)

Shaping Presets:

– CW_Viljo Full Apply/Rem
– CW_Viljo Head Apply/Rem
– CW_Viljo Body Apply/Rem
– CW_Viljo Eyebrow
– CW_Viljo Stubble Beard
– CW_Viljo Eyelashes Apply/Rem
– CW_Viljo Nipples Apply/Rem
– CW_CW_Viljo Navel Apply/Rem
– CW_Viljo Ears Apply/Rem

Material Iray Options for Genesis 8 Male:

– CW_Viljo MAT Iray Skin

– 20 Eye Colors
– 12 Brows Colors
– 10 different Eyelashes Color
– 06 Skin Color
– 12 Gens/Skin Color
– 10 Stubble Beard Color

Options LIE presets:

– 02 Blush LIE
– 02 Ears_Blush LIE
– 05 Lip Color
– 01 Face Freckles LIE

Note;The LIE appear when rendering

CW_Viljo for Genesis 8 Male

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