Cycads - Ancient Plants for Daz Studio

Here is your chance to take a digital walk among plants that the dinosaurs once knew! Cycads – Ancient Plants for Daz Studio is a bundle of 20 individual models of two iconic species of Cycads!

These ancient plants with their palm-like leaves and strange flowering cones are among the only species of flora to survive since the time of the giant reptiles.

Some are incredibly rare, and only now known in cultivation — represented here in the form of Encephalartos woodii — commonly known as Woods Cycad. It's a native plant of South Africa and extinct in the wild since the early 20th century, and now only found in a select few botanical gardens around the world. It's a taller cycad that grows into a small palm tree-like plant and is a wonderful addition to any tropical or subtropical scene.

Some Cycads are more common such as the other species represented here — Encephalartos ferox which is one of the most popular cultivated species, originally coming from Mozambique, with its spikey leaves, found in dry sandy areas with some groundwater.

The textures for these plants were created using digital photographs taken in the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam, where fine examples of these lovely plants are housed in the temperate house.

As always a little goes a long way and slight variations of the values of both the scale and the y rotation will make one plant and its instances look like many.

So make sure you have some digital dinosaur food in your runtime, plant these lovely plants in pots in a conservatory, use them in wild settings to add some lush variation to a jungle, or in a tropical planting scheme, or of course, use them to help create your very own Jurassic Habitat right here in Daz Studio!

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