D.Va 2 and Tokki for Genesis 8 Female

D.Va 2 and Tokki for Genesis 8 Female

This product contain:

– D.Va for Genesis 8 and 8.1 separated presets (the marks are L.I.E and need to be applied separated)
– Head and Body morph (included remove option)
– D.Va complete skin
– 10 different markings for her face using L.I.E
– Hair and helmet included as one.
– Eyelashes and Eyebrows

– Bodysuit (7 different materials based on OW classic alternative skins)*
– Gloves (same as Bodysuit)
*You need to select the character to apply the different materials on the outfit
-Gun (7 different materials to combine with the outfit + Golden gun)

TOKKI (D.Va's mech)
– Fully rigged, you can move the legs, arms, guns and open it from the front or behind, all bones are separated in solid parts that you can rotate, move or hide.
-Tokki comes with 7 different materials in combination with the outfit and the Golden Guns!
– Thrusters!!! You can activate Tokki thrusters on the parameters tab!!

Everything comes with 4K high quality textures to enhance your renders up to 11!

D.Va 2 and Tokki for Genesis 8 Female

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