Daemora for V3 and A3

Daemora is a new age vampire warrior package both for Vicky 3, and Aiko 3! Semi-custom, Exotic morphs for were created for both models, and extreme detail went into designing this seductive character to get the most detail out of your renders. Inspired by vampire images of lost boys and Buffy, Daemora brings a new level of evil to your runtime, and Imagination! She is not like other vampires. Can you handle her?

This set includes:

  • Full INJ/REM Morphs for both V3 and A3
  • 4 Head Mats: Human and Vampire, With and without face tattoo
  • 8 Body Mats: Nude, Full body suit, Suit without mid section, Bottom suit: All with and without body Tattoos
  • 3 Eye mats: Icy Grey, Toxic Green, Blood Red

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