DD PBR Brick Wall Shaders for Iray Vol 2

DD PBR Brick Wall Shaders for Iray Vol 2 comes packed with 36 painted brick wall shader presets. There are 24 single color presets (12 freshly-painted and 12 weathered with the paint peeling away). There are also 12 multicolor presets (6 freshly-painted and 6 weathered and paint peeled). The multi color presets range from simple 2-color painted walls to walls painted with the pride flag colors, including a pride heart painted wall, perfect for that unique background. With all of these options, we literally have you covered.

All textures are seamless and tileable with the included tiling presets, so you don’t have to worry about the scale looking out of place in your renders.

Whether you need to render a detailed closeup or apply the shaders to background elements, this pack is the perfect solution. All 36 shaders come in 4K resolution for those beautiful closeups, 2K resolution for mid-ground subjects or small renders, and 1K resolution for out-of-focus or background elements. That’s a whopping 108 shader presets in total. This means you can put less strain on your GFX card, saving valuable resources and giving you faster renders.

Changing the appearance of each preset is a breeze with the included Utilities folder, containing a bunch of time-saving presets at your disposal. With 5 Roughness presets, 5 Normal strength presets, 6 Displacement Level presets, 4 Displacement SubD level presets, 19 Tiling presets, and 10 Tiling Offset presets, you can quickly tweak the surface to your liking… from smooth wet brick to uneven, crumbling weathered walls — and anything between.

It's perfect as a portrait backdrop or to add that special touch to your next architectural render.

Grab your copy of DD PBR Brick Wall Shaders for Iray Vol 2. Get creative and get rendering today.

Optimized for Iray.

DD PBR Brick Wall Shaders for Iray Vol 2.(DUF)
DDBW Painted Multi Color 01-12 4K
DDBW Painted Single Color 01 – 24 4K
DDBW Painted Multi Color 01-12 2K
DDBW Painted Single Color 01 – 24 2K
DDBW Painted Multi Color 01-12 1K
DDBW Painted Single Color 01 – 24 1K
Displacement Presets
DD 01 Displacement Off
DD Displacement A Ultra Low
DD Displacement B Low
DD Displacement C Med
DD Displacement D High
DD Displacement E Ultra
DD Displacement SubD 00
DD Displacement SubD 01
DD Displacement SubD 02
DD Displacement SubD 03
Normals Presets
DD Normal Strength A Off
DD Normal Strength B Low
DD Normal Strength C Med
DD Normal Strength D High
DD Normal Strength E Ultra
Roughness Presets
DD Roughness A Off
DD Roughness B Low
DD Roughness C Med
DD Roughness D High
DD Roughness E Ultra
Tiling Presets
DD Tile 01×01
DD Tile 02×02
DD Tile 03×02
DD Tile 03×03
DD Tile 05×05
DD Tile 10×10
DD Tile 20×20
DD Tile Horizontal 02×01
DD Tile Horizontal 03×01
DD Tile Horizontal 04×01
DD Tile Horizontal 05×01
DD Tile Horizontal 10×01
DD Tile Horizontal Flip
DD Tile Vertical 02×01
DD Tile Vertical 03×01
DD Tile Vertical 04×01
DD Tile Vertical 05×01
DD Tile Vertical 10×01
DD Tile Vertical Flip
Tiling Offset Presets
DD Offset Horiz A Off
DD Offset Horiz B
DD Offset Horiz C
DD Offset Horiz D
DD Offset Horiz E
DD Offset Vert A Off
DD Offset Vert B
DD Offset Vert C
DD Offset Vert D
DD Offset Vert E
Textures Include
432 Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Displacement Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets

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