DeadAlive – poses for V4 & M4

DeadAlive - poses for V4 & M4

159 B-Movie style horror poses for Victoria 4 and/or Michael 4.

Collection Includes:

  • 114 poses, plus 45 special utility poses for converting V4 or M4 to body part etc.
  • 10 camera presets to match select poses and backgrounds for quick renders
  • 10 background images, plus 5 bonus backgrounds (1850×1876)
  • 8 hand poses to use with included smart props for V4 and M4
  • 23 face expressions, these are special MOR poses that only set specific expression morphs and will not change (character) morphs already in use
  • 2 morphing props (brain and heart) with 10 smart prop options for right & left hand and head placement, V4 & M4.

DeadAlive - poses for V4 & M4