Deep Sea Diver

Classical old timer diving outfit and series of props for Michael 4. It is made in three or four variants from which one or two are historicaly correct and two others are fictional. Aside historical standard diving drees either in tethered or free diving variant, there is steampunk style diver and one of Captain Nemo?s crewmen diver from submarine Nautilus by Jules Verne. Various parts of equipment can be changed accross these three basic divers variants.
A standard diving dress consists of a heavy metallic diving helmet, fixed to shoulder corselet, air supply from either airline or hose from a surface or rebreather at backpack, a canvas diving suit, diving knife on the belt, weight boots and other weights generally on the chest, back to counteract the buoyancy of the helmet and diving suit.
Steampunk style diver is equiped with different brass helmet, based on carmagnolle diving suit from 1882. Instead of simple rebreather he carry large aerophore with built in scooter. This defice uses electrolythic reaction for production breathing oxygene and hydrogene for propelling the scooter. Captain Nemo?s diver has big copper helmet with large glass visors, cylindrical aerophore, pneumatic rifle and chest hand driven lantern. Each diver variant hase many other equipment like lanterns, weapons, weights and so on.