Demone Hall


“A steep an arduous decent through endless granite tunnels came to an abrupt halt, for there before me was a vast hall carved out of the living stone. Fierce yellow light licked the walls and I suspected that the already burning heat was about to get a lot hotter!”

Chronicles of Dominic Sagan (Chapter 1, Paragraph 7)
Six tall stone pillars thrust upwards from pits of lava, which are enhanced with textures and ambient maps. The rocks and stone work all have bump and specular maps.

At the far end of the hall sits a tunnel which arcs upwards and is a perfect place for your heroes to enter. To give extra light to the scene are some ornate torch and brazier props. Several light sets give plenty of options for illumination.

The scene has several parts, such left and right walls, ceiling, back wall, floor, all of which can be hidden for better use with cameras and other options.

The DAZ Studio version comes with two pre-built scenes (Lava Material on and off) with lights already in place.
?The Uber Lights and psSurface are only required for the DAZ Studio lights and material settings.



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