Deredere Anime Poses for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Deredere is a specific class of anime character – one who is shy, keeps their true feelings hidden and is definitely the height of cuteness. Give your Genesis 3 Female(s) a sophisticated twist on anime with these 40 standard poses and 10 Hierarchical Pose Presets that reflect this reserved and sometimes exuberant character in your artwork. To help you on your way, there are three anime inspired props – a headset with illuminated side buttons, a fluffy Feral Kitty plushy animal, and a stylish hard-sided valise complete with Feral Kitty charm – all requirements of happy young female anime characters.
The included poses come in four different shape tailored presets – Genesis 3 Female Base, Star2, Aiko 7, and the Girl 7 – that’s 200 poses! So no matter which of the cartoon shapes you prefer, your character will look perfect in these meticulously crafted poses.