dForce Bunny Outfit for Sakura 8

This Bunny outfit is special made for Sakura8 (also fit all Genesis 8 Females). There are Hoodie with long-bunny-ears, a short skirt, a pair of socks, a pair of Japanese style student shoes and a very cute Backpack (with decorations) within the content. The Ears on the hoodie have been fully rigged, you might choose between directly dForce and bone-pose-based dForce settings. Hundreds of cloth patterns included in this product, build up your own Bunny outfit with simply apply different patterns on each part of the outfit.

What’s Included and Features
dForce Bunny Outfit for Sakura 8 (.DUF)
dForce Control Settings:
RN !BunnyOutfit dForce Apply
RN BunnyOutfit !BunnyEars Bone Based
RN BunnyOutfit !BunnyEars dForce On
RN BunnyOutfit !HatStrips dForce On
RN BunnyOutfit BunnyEars dForce Off
RN BunnyOutfit dForce Remove
RN BunnyOutfit HatStrips dForce Off
RN BunnySkirt dForce Hard
RN BunnySkirt dForce Off
RN BunnySkirt dForce Soft More
RN BunnySkirt dForce Soft
RN Bunny Outfit
Adjustments (Dialed Morphs):
RN Outfit Back Expand
RN Outfit Chest Expand
RN Outfit Ears Length
RN Outfit Hat Back Expand
RN Outfit Hat Back Side to Side
RN Outfit Hat Blow Left
RN Outfit Hat Blow Right
RN Outfit Hat Extra Expand
RN Outfit Hat Front Expand
RN Outfit Hat Front Raise
RN Outfit Hat MoveBack
RN Outfit Hip Back Adjust
RN Outfit Hip Back Shrink
RN Outfit Hip Front Adjust
RN Outfit Hip Front Shrink
RN Outfit Lower Back Adjust
RN Outfit Lower Expand
RN Outfit Lower Expand More
RN Outfit Lower Expand fit Skirt
RN Outfit Lower Front Adjust
RN Outfit Lower Heights
RN Outfit Sleeve Raise L
RN Outfit Sleeve Raise R
Material Presets:
3 Bunny Outift Basic Styles
18 Color Presets
3 Sleeve Lower Patterns
13 Sleeve Patterns
5 Hat Label Patterns
8 Hat Patterns
13 Outfit Back Patterns
15 Outfit Front Patterns
5 Outfit Lower Patterns
6 Pattern Color Shaders
Sleeve Ending Fabric Mats
7 Outfit Pattern Remove Options
RN Bunny Skirt
Adjustments (Dialed Morphs):
RN Skirt ExpandAll
RN Skirt Front Adjust
RN Skirt Glute Adjust
RN Skirt Length
RN Skirt Lower Adjust
RN Skirt More Fit G8F
RN Skirt Side Adjust L
RN Skirt Side Adjust R
RN Skirt Up and Down
RN Skirt Waist Shrink
dForce Helpers (Dialed Morphs):
RN dFHelper Back Blow
RN dFHelper Front BlowUp
RN dFHelper SkirtBlow L
RN dFHelper SkirtBlow R
RN dFHelper lBack Blow
RN dFHelper lBack Hold
RN dFHelper lFront BlowUp
RN dFHelper lFront Hold
RN dFHelper rBack Blow
RN dFHelper rBack Hold
RN dFHelper rFront BlowUp
RN dFHelper rFront Hold
Material Presets:
3 Basic Skirt Style Presets
18 Skirt Color Presets
23 Skirt Patterns
2 Skirt Pattern Remove Options
6 Skirt Pattern Color Shaders
RN Bunny Backpack
Adjustments (Dialed Morphs):
RN Back CatEars Shape Shift
RN BackPack Move Back
RN BackPack Thicker
RN Belt MoveBack L
RN Belt MoveBack R
RN Belt MoveForward L
RN Belt MoveForward R
RN Belt OffShoulder L
RN Belt OffShoulder R
RN Belt Raise L
RN Belt Raise R
RN Belt Side to Side L
RN Belt Side to Side R
RN BeltLower MoveForward L
RN BeltLower MoveForward R
Material Presets:
4 Color Presets
3 Front Plastic Mats
4 Metal Mats
2 Backpack belts Patterns
12 Backpack Inner Patterns
7 Backpack Lower Patterns
7 Backpack Upper Patterns
4 Backpack Pattern Remove Options
4 Backpack Pattern Color Shaders
RN Bunny Backpack Decorations
Material Presets:
4 Deco Metal Mats
4 Badge Color Presets
1 Badge Color Set
7 Badge Pattern Presets
2 Badge Pattern Remove Options
3 Furball Mats
RN Bunny Socks
Adjustments (Dialed Morphs):
RN Socks Foot Expand
RN Socks Upper Edges Expand
Socks Expand
Material Presets:
3 Socks Basic Style Presets
7 Socks Alternate Base Colors
6 Socks Transparancy Options
15 Socks Patterns
2 Socks Pattern Remove Options
6 Socks Pattern Color Shaders
RN Bunny Shoes
Material Presets:
5 Shoes Color Presets
10 Shoes Glossy Options
4 Insole Color Presets
9 Tread Bumps Presets
2 Tread Mats
1 Thread Bumps Remove Option
FULL RN BunnyOutfits Wearable Presets
RN 22 Degrees Feet H.Pose
RN Bunny Outfit FitGenesis 8 Female
RN Bunny Outfit Fit Skirt
Supported Shapes:
Textures Include
303 Color, Normals, Roughness, Metallic and Optical Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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