dForce Crop Top Outfit for Genesis 9

This Crop Top Outfit is a set of groovy streetwear clothes and accessories.

Three texture sets and full presets are included and all materials are Hierarchical Materials, you can stay on Genesis 9 selected and apply whatever you want on whatever item you want.

This outfit fits the Base, the Feminine Base, and the Masculine Base as well as a high number of Daz Original Genesis 9 characters and Body Morphs.

The earrings are rigged and can be adapted to the collar position of the Jacket. In addition, there are some shape morphs in the jacket like shorten sleeves, open more, smaller collar, etc…

The Jacket is dForce ready, but works quite well without. In the pants, you will also find a dForce part which can be used if needed.

Most of the clothes are HD and have dials to kick in or out the HD details.

Have fun with this unisex versatile outfit.

dForce Crop Top Outfit for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
CTO 00 Crop Top Outfit Full
CTO 01 Pants:
Expand – Tighten All
Loosen – Tighten Ankles
Loosen – Tighten Buttocks
Loosen – Tighten Knees
Loosen – Tighten Thighs
Loosen – Tighten Waist Lower
Loosen – Tighten Waist Upper
CTO 02 Platform Boots:
Expand / Loosen All
Expand / Loosen Ankles
Expand / Loosen Shins
Wrinkles HD
CTO 03 Crop Top:
Expand All
Loosen Midriff
Loosen Waist Lower
Loosen Waist Upper
HD Details
More Wrinkles HD
CTO 06 Jacket:
Collar Smaller
Expand / Tighten All
Loosen / Tighten Collars
Loosen / Tighten Neck
Loosen / Tighten Sleeves Upper Arm
Loosen / Tighten Waist Lower
Loosen / Tighten Waist Upper
Loosen / Tighten Wrists
Jacket Shorter
Open Collar
Open Jacket More
Show Chest
Sleeves Shorter
Stitches HD
CTO 11 Beanie:
Expand All
Earring Right
Earring Left
Navel Piercing
Ring Right
Ring Left
Supported Shapes:
Base Feminine
Base Masculine
Body Emaciated
Body Fitness Details
Body Fitness Mass
Body Heavy
Body Lithe
Body Muscular
Body Pear Figure
Body Portly
Body Stocky
Body Thin
Body Tone
Body Voluptuous
Proportion Height
Proportion Larger
Proportion Smaller
Proportion Smaller Body Only
Body Muscular
Angela 9
Freja 9
Ivar 9
Joan 9
Josie 9
Michael 9
Minerva 9
Pixie 9
Victoria 9
XiuLin 9
Body Muscular
Breasts Cleavage
Breasts Diameter
Breasts Downward Slope
Breasts Fullness Lower
Breasts Fullness Upper
Breasts Gone
Breasts Heavy
Breasts Large
Breasts Large High
Breasts Natural
Breasts Shape 01
Breasts Shape 02
Breasts Shape 03
Breasts Shape 04
Breasts Shape 05
Breasts Shape 06
Breasts Sides Depth
Breasts Small
Sternum Height
Sternum Width
Other Shapes may be supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
CTO ! Full Outfit Black
CTO ! Full Outfit Gold
CTO ! Full Outfit White
CTO Beanie Black
CTO Boots Black
CTO Bracelets Black
CTO Crop Top Black
CTO Earrings Black
CTO Handbag Black
CTO Jacket Black
CTO Navel Piercing Black
CTO Pants Black
CTO Rings Black
CTO Sunglasses Black
CTO Beanie Gold
CTO Boots Gold
CTO Bracelets Gold
CTO Crop Top Gold
CTO Earrings Gold
CTO Handbag Gold
CTO Jacket Gold
CTO Navel Piercing Gold
CTO Pants Gold
CTO Rings Gold
CTO Sunglasses Gold
CTO Beanie White
CTO Boots White
CTO Bracelets White
CTO Crop Top White
CTO Earrings White
CTO Handbag White
CTO Jacket White
CTO Navel Piercing White
CTO Pants White
CTO Rings White
CTO Sunglasses White
CTO Black Leather
CTO Black Linen
CTO Black Metal
CTO Black Plastic
CTO Croco Leather
CTO Dark Gold
CTO Gold Fabric
CTO Matte Gold
CTO Pearl
CTO Soft Plastic Black
CTO Soft Plastic White
CTO White Leather
CTO White Plastic
Textures Include:
66 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Height, Normal, Roughness, Specular and Transparency Maps (480 x 480 to 4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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