dForce Draperies Megapack

dForce Draperies Megapack

dForce Draperies Megapack
Do your stylish interior scenes feel cold and empty? Add some coziness with these drapes!

This megapack includes single drapes for covering a window or wall as well as double drapes for framing a window. The sizes go from 150 x 150 cm to 400 x 400 cm, with all the sizes in between. In addition, each drape has morphs to adjust width and length so you can make the drape fit any window, door, or wall.

The drapes come in two versions: Big folds, which drape more stiffly like a blanket, and small folds, which drape smoothly like soft fabric. For all drapes, you can switch off the top ruffle to make them fit into a rail. Rails in modern and classic style are included.

The double drapes also feature a toggle to switch between loose and gathered styles.

All drapes have morphs for pulling them open/closed. You can use only these morphs, or combine the morphs with a dForce simulation, or create custom movement by using the built-in control bone for the simulation.

In the vast range of solid and patterned material presets, plus gauze and lace presets, you’ll be sure to find a style that matches your scene.

The patterned presets use 8k maps for a high-quality rendering result, but there are also 4k maps of the same textures available if you want a lower resolution.

Utility presets for activating and freezing dForce, simulation settings, and a quick guide complete this versatile pack.

dForce Draperies Megapack

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