dForce – Gisele Outfit G8F & G8.1F

dForce - Gisele Outfit G8F & G8.1F

dForce – Gisele Outfit G8F & G8.1F

A little shirred summer dress with puffy sleeves to match, ready for the hotter weather.

The materials and shaders used in this pack complement those of the Reverie Outfit,
so you are able to mix and match items from each. There are also LIE options to
remove the skirt leaving behind a trimmed flounce. See promo pop-ups for
examples of combinations.

What’s Included & Features

Figures (.duf)
–1 Pair of dForce ready Sleeves
–1 dForce ready Dress

dForce Surfaces Presets
–!Default Dress
–!Default Sleeves
–Dress Neck Curly
–Dress Skirt Expand 120%
–Dress Skirt Silkier
–Dress Skirt Stiffer
–Sleeves Frill Expand 150%
–Sleeves Frill Expand 200%
–Sleeve Puffs Expand 110%
–Sleeves Puffs Shrink 85%
–Sleeves Puffs Stiffer

Dialable Morphs (found in parameter tab)
–Bust Looser
–Bust Front Lower

–Invisible Ground Plane

Preset Iray Materials (.duf) For both Garments

–18 Base materials plus Plain White option
–4 Bumps maps, 4 Bump strengths and Bump OFF
–4 Gloss options plus OFF
–11 Gradient Diffuse Image partial Shaders
–6 LIE lace options (3 style with MFlakes and without)
–4 LIE Diffuse Image Gamma Options
–1 LIE Seams Bump Option
–1 Seams LIE Transmap
–2 LIE Transmaps for Skirt OFF leaving only a flounce (1 style with and without MFlakes)
–24 Transparencies and Transmaps
–Various Metallic Flake Options including Blank Out, Plain, ON, OFF, Roughness and Density
–16 Premade Textures for all three items

–1-Simulation Settings 1
–2-Add Initialization Time 0.5
–Smoothing On and OFF

Guides are also included to get you started.

dForce - Gisele Outfit G8F & G8.1F