DForce Hollywood Style Outfit For Genesis 9

Make your character stand out in your exterior and interior scenes with this cute Hollywood-inspired ensemble.

The Hollywood Style Outfit for Genesis 9 is a cute set that includes a dress, high heels, and an elegant necklace – all ready to be customized with different colors and materials for your renders.

The dress is made for dForce for better control, and the included accessories will work with all the poses and shape adjustments you desire!

dForce Hollywood Style Outfit for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
HSO !All:
HSO Dress:
Adj Inflate All Top
Adj Inflate All
Adj Inflate Arms Top
Adj Inflate Back Top
Adj Inflate Cuff Top
Adj Inflate Front Top
Adj Inflate Pelvis Skirt
Adj Inflate Shoulders Top
Adj Squeeze Lower Skirt
Adj Stretch Back Skirt
Adj Stretch Back Top
Adj Stretch Front Breast
Adj Stretch Front Skirt
Adj Stretch Side-Side Skirt
HSO High Heels:
Adj Inflate Lower Straps
Adj Inflate Upper Straps
Adj Move All
Adj Scale All
HSO Neck:
Adj Move Side-Side
Adj Move Up-Down
Adj Rotation Front-Back
Adj Rotation Side-Side
Adj Scale All
Supported Shapes:
Base Feminine
Body Fitness Details
Body Fitness Mass
Body Lithe
Body Muscular Details
Body Muscular Mass
Body Older
Body Thin
Body Tone
Mass Body
Body Pear Figure
Body Voluptuous
Body Portly
Body Stocky
Angela 9
Josie 9
Minerva 9
Pixie 9
Victoria 9
Other Shapes may be supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
HSO 00 Add Ornament 1
HSO 00 Add Ornament 2
HSO 00 Add Ornament 3
HSO 03 Remove Ornament
HSO Dress 00 Default
HSO Dress 01 Black Color
HSO Dress 02 Red Color
HSO Dress 03 Yellow Color
HSO Dress 04 Green Color
HSO Dress 05 Blue Color
HSO Dress 06 Beige Color
HSO High Heeled 00 Default
HSO High Heeled 01 White Color
HSO High Heeled 02 Gray Color
HSO High Heeled 03 Black Color
HSO High Heeled 04 Red Color
HSO High Heeled 05 Yellow Color
HSO High Heeled 06 Green Color
HSO High Heeled 07 Blue Color
HSO High Heeled 08 Beige Color
HSO High Heeled 09 Ornament Bronze Color
HSO High Heeled 10 Ornament Gold Color
HSO High Heeled 11 Ornament Silver Color
HSO Neck 00 Default
HSO Neck 01 Silver Color
HSO Neck 02 Bronze Color
HSO Neck 03 Gold Color
HSO Style 00 Default
HSO Style 01
HSO Style 02
HSO Style 03
HSO Style 04
HSO Style 05
HSO Style 06
Textures Include:
20 Textures, Bump, Metallic, Normal, and Roughness Maps (2048 x 2048 and 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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