dForce Jane Outfit for Genesis 9

The dForce Jane Outfit for Genesis 9 is a soft and feminine outfit with an underdress, overdress, cute boots, and bangles. This romantic outfit is a must-have for vintage and lace lovers!

The overdress and underdress are made for dForce and come in 20 fashionable colors for each item. 5 Different lace options are included and the opacity can be turned on or off. The outfit can be worn separately to add more variety. 10 matching colors are included for the bangles.

The outfit fits the Genesis 9, Genesis 9 feminine, and Genesis 9 masculine bases.

Several adjustment morphs are included to help better fit where needed.

Whether you’re going for a smart work look or hanging out with your friends, an easy dress is a wardrobe essential!

What’s Included and Features

dForce Jane Outfit for Genesis 9 (.DUF)
Jane !Outfit
dForce Jane Inner Dress
Expand Breasts ID
Expand Breasts Inner Dress
Expand ID Bottom
Expand ID Buttocks
Expand ID Midriff
Expand ID Skirt Above Knee
Expand ID Waist Lower
Expand ID Waist Upper
Expand Inner Dress Bottom
Expand Inner Dress
Expand Under Dress
dForce Jane Over Dress
Adj Waist Lower OD
Adj Waist Upper OD
Expand Over Dress
Loosen Buttocks Overdress
Loosen Midriff OD
Loosen OD Below Knee
Loosen OD Skirt Above Knee
Loosen Skirt OD
Jane Boots
Adjust Ankles
Adjust shins
Expand Boots
Make Boots Tighter Shins
Jane Bangles
Supported Shapes
Base Feminine
Base Masculine
Fitness Details
Fitness Mass
Muscular Details
Muscular Mass
Pear Figure
Breasts Cleavage
Breasts Diameter
Breasts Large
Breasts Natural
Breasts Shape01 – 06
Breasts Small
Breasts Side Depth
Mass Body
Pectorals Cleavage
Pectorals Height
Victoria 9
Pixie 9
Mrs Klaus
Other Shapes may be supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
Bangles Americano
Bangles Cashmere
Bangles Gold
Bangles Limed Oak
Bangles Old Copper
Bangles Red Gold
Bangles Rodeo Dust
Bangles Rose
Bangles Silver
Bangles Tussock
Boots Blush
Boots Boston Blue
Boots Coral Tree
Boots Dusty Grey
Boots Granny Smith
Boots Half Baked
Boots Leather
Boots Mine Shaft
Boots Oxley
Boots Purple
Boots San Marino
Boots Strikemaster
Boots Sycamore
Boots Tamarillo
Boots Turquoise Blue
Boots Well Read
Boots Wewak
Boots White
Boots Zeus
Boots Zorba
Over Dress Lace 01
Over Dress Lace 02
Over Dress Lace 03
Over Dress Lace 04
Over Dress Lace 05
Over Dress Skirt Opacity OFF
Over Dress Top Opacity OFF
Overdress Blush
Overdress Boston Blue
Overdress Coral tree
Overdress Dusty Grey
Overdress Granny Smith
Overdress Half Baked
Overdress Leather
Overdress Mine Shaft
Overdress Oxley
Overdress Purple
Overdress San Marino
Overdress Strikemaster
Overdress Sycamore
Overdress Tamarillo
Overdress Turquoise Blue
Overdress Well Read
Overdress Wewak
Overdress White
Overdress Zeus
Overdress Zorba
Under Dress Blush
Under Dress Boston Blue
Under Dress Coral Tree
Under Dress Dusty Grey
Under Dress Granny Smith
Under Dress Half Baked
Under Dress Lace 01
Under Dress Lace 02
Under Dress Lace 03
Under Dress Lace 04
Under Dress Lace 05
Under Dress Leather
Under Dress Mine Shaft
Under Dress Opacity OFF
Under Dress Oxley
Under Dress Purple
Under Dress San Marino
Under Dress Strikemaster
Under Dress Sycamore
Under Dress Tamarillo
Under Dress Turquoise Blue
Under Dress Well Read
Under Dress Wewak
Under Dress White
Under Dress Zeus
Under Dress Zorba
dForce settings:
Over Dress dForce Simulation Preset
Under Dress dForce Simulation Preset
Textures Include
102 Texture, Height, Normal, Opacity, and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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