dForce LongGlam Hair for Genesis 9

dForce LongGlam Hair is a luxurious medium to long-length style to make your characters stand out from the crowd and wow everyone with their glamour! It uses dForce Hair to give a highly realistic, dynamic, and draping hairstyle, with every hair individually rendered giving amazing realism.

dForce LongGlam Hair comes with a range of 16 preset styles including straight, waves, and curls, plus a choice of different lengths and whether the hair falls in front of or behind the shoulders on each side. There are also different options for strays to mimic those loose strands of hair to enhance realism Usability is enhanced by presets for different preview modes. While mainly intended for female characters, as Genesis 9 is a unisex figure, it can be used on male characters too.

There are 52 realistic and fantasy hair colors and every color can have different streak effects applied to multiply the number of different looks. There is also a choice of hair shines which can be matched to your scene and lighting.

It is possible to use LongGlam Hair without draping but usually, you will want to simulate the hair and there are three alternative dynamic responses to get exactly the results you want. There are also wind-blown morphs to add that final dynamic touch to your scene. By applying styles either before or after draping and fine-tuning with the parameter dials, you can achieve a huge number of looks.

Note that this is a complex hair requiring around 2GB to render at the standard resolution. I have included a High Res option which results in smoother hair for those special renders but the memory requirements are around twice as much, which may be too much for your GPU to render (it will still render using CPU, just slower).

Equally suitable for contemporary, sci-fi, historical, and fantasy characters in any setting, dForce LongGlam Hair is the perfect way to add maximum realism and glamour to your characters.

dForce LongGlam Hair for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
Big Curls
Blow Left
Blow Right
Close to Face
Flatten Hair
Forward Around Face
Gentle Wave
Glam Wave
Kinked Hair
Left Move Left
Left Move Right
Out Back
Out Left
Out Right
Right Move Left
Right Move Right
Short Hair
Top Left Forward
Top Right Forward
Top Swept Over
Wide Hair
Supported Shapes:
Other Shapes may be supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
Dark Grey
Mid Grey
Steel Grey
Ash Blonde
Pale Blonde
Pale Gold
Natural Blonde
Honey Blonde
Brassy Blonde
Mid Blonde
White Chocolate
Dark Blonde
Light Brown
Hazel Brown
Natural Brown
Dark Sand
Mid Brown
Stone Brown
Rich Brown
Muted Brown
Milk Chocolate
Chestnut Brown
Dark Chocolate
Dark Brown
Deep Red
Red Head
Bright Red
Pale Red
Apple Green
Mid Blue
Dark Blue
Tiling Normal
Tiling Streaks Fine
Tiling Streaks Medium
Tiling Streaks Broad
Shine Dull
Shine More
Shine Most
Shine Alt1
Shine Alt2
Strays Less
Strays Default
Strays More
Strays Most
Normal Res (Lower Memory)
High Res (Higher Memory)
Guides only
Hair Preview No Iray
Hair Preview With Iray
Simulation Settings:
Dynamics Preset Stiffer
Dynamics Preset Looser
Dynamics Preset Loosest
Textures Include:
60 Texture, Density, and Transparency Maps (512 x 512 up to 2048 x 2048)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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