dForce Mixable Korte for Genesis 9

dForce Mixable Korte for Genesis 9 is part of the Mixable series.

Without a shirt, only a top and pants, perfect loungewear.

With a shirt, perfect beach wear. From sassy, over boho to goth.

dForce Mixable Korte for Genesis 9 (.DUF)
Korte Preload
Korte Shirt
Korte Short
Korte Top
Materials Include
Korte Shirt Simulation Surface
Korte Top Simulation Surface
Korte Short Simulation Surface
Korte All Avocado
Korte All Catlife
Korte All Deer
Korte All Dunot
Korte All Gurl
Korte All No Diet
Korte All Pastel
Korte All Sarcasm
Korte All Sassy
Korte All Starfox
Korte All Summer
Korte All Unicorn
Korte All Yo
Korte Shirt Avocado
Korte Shirt Catlife
Korte Shirt Deer
Korte Shirt Dunot
Korte Shirt Gurl
Korte Shirt No Diet
Korte Shirt Pastel
Korte Shirt Sarcasm
Korte Shirt Sassy
Korte Shirt Starfox
Korte Shirt Summer
Korte Shirt Unicorn
Korte Shirt Yo
Korte Short Avocado
Korte Short Catlife
Korte Short Deer
Korte Short Dunot
Korte Short Gurl
Korte Short No Diet
Korte Short Pastel
Korte Short Sarcasm
Korte Short Sassy
Korte Short Starfox
Korte Short Summer
Korte Short Unicorn
Korte Short Yo
Korte Top Avocado
Korte Top Catlife
Korte Top Deer
Korte Top Dunot
Korte Top Gurl
Korte Top No Diet
Korte Top Pastel
Korte Top Sarcasm
Korte Top Sassy
Korte Top Starfox
Korte Top Summer
Korte Top Unicorn
Korte Top Yo
Supported Shapes
Base Feminine
Base Masculine
Body Emaciated
Body FitnessMass
Body Heavy
Body Lithe
Body Muscular Mass
Body Older
Body Pear Figure
Body Portly
Body Stocky
Body Thin
Body Tone
Body Voluptuous
Mass Body
Proportion Height
Proportion Larger
Proportion Smaller
Proportion SmallerBO
Michael 9
Pixie 9
Victoria 9
dForce Settings
Korte Simulation Preset
Textures Include
38 Base Color, Displacement, Height, Normal, Roughness, Transparency (8192×8192)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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