dForce Oliver Beachwear Outfit for Genesis 9

The dForce Oliver Beachwear Outfit for Genesis 9 is the perfect outfit for your 3D beach scenes.

This stylish outfit includes a pair of comfortable shorts and a pair of flip-flops, both designed to fit perfectly on your Genesis 9 figures.

The outfit also comes with 6 different textures to choose from, giving you a range of options to create the perfect look for your scene.

The shorts are designed with realistic details, including pockets and a drawstring waistband.

The flip-flops feature a textured sole and a strap that wraps around the foot, adding to the overall realism of the outfit.

The included textures for the outfit allow you to customize the look of the shorts and flip-flops to suit your needs.

Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, including classic denim, tropical prints, and solid colors.

Whether you're creating a sunny beach scene or a relaxing poolside environment, the dForce Oliver Beachwear Outfit is the perfect addition to your 3D wardrobe.

dForce Oliver Beachwear Outfit for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
AH OBO Shorts:
Adj Shorts Back Lower
Adj Shorts Back Middle
Adj Shorts Back Upper
Adj Shorts Expand All
Adj Shorts Front Lower
Adj Shorts Front Middle
Adj Shorts Front Upper
Adj Shorts Inner Thighs
Adj Shorts Low Hip
Adj Shorts Side Lower
Adj Shorts Side Middle
Adj Shorts Side Upper
Adj Shorts Waist Back
Adj Shorts Waist Front
Adj Shorts Waist Side
AH OBO FlipFlops:
Adj FlipFlops Back Expand
Adj FlipFlops Expand All
Adj FlipFlops Front Expand
Adj FlipFlops Side Lower
Adj FlipFlops Side Middle
Adj FlipFlops Side Upper
Adj FlipFlops Strap Lower
Adj FlipFlops Strap Upper
Supported Shapes:
Base Masculine
Michael 9
Nikolai 9
Ivar 9
Thimor 9
Body Emaciated
Body Fitness Details
Body Fitness Mass
Body Lithe
Body Muscular Details
Body Muscular Mass
Body Older
Body Thin
Body Tone
Mass Body
Body Pear Figure
Body Voluptuous
Body Portly
Body Stocky
Proportion Height
Proportion Larger
Proportion Smaller
Other Shapes may be supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
OBO Tex 01 Brown
OBO Tex 02 Navy Blue
OBO Tex 03 Denim Blue
OBO Tex 04 Sky Blue
OBO Tex 05 Black and White
OBO Tex 06 Dark Peach
OBO FlipFlops 01 Brown
OBO FlipFlops 02 Navy Blue
OBO FlipFlops 03 Denim Blue
OBO FlipFlops 04 Sky Blue
OBO FlipFlops 05 Black and White
OBO FlipFlops 06 Dark Peach
OBO Shorts 01 Brown
OBO Shorts 02 Navy Blue
OBO Shorts 03 Denim Blue
OBO Shorts 04 Sky Blue
OBO Shorts 05 Black and White
OBO Shorts 06 Dark Peach
Textures Include:
18 Textures Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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