dForce - The Shift for G8Fs

A chemise or shift for your historic renders, or modern-romantic style gown for any other occassion.
— Figures (.duf)
1 dForce Ready Garment

— dForce Surfaces Presets
Fully Dynamic Neck Trim
Neck-Off Shoulder

— Morph Injections (See File list below for full morph listing)
Morph- Reset All
Morph-Length 100%
Morph-LShoulder 100%
Morph-RShoulder 100%

— Props
1 Invisible Ground Plane

— Preset Iray Materials (.duf)
12 Base materials plus Plain White option
5 Bumps maps, 4 Bump strengths and Bump OFF
4 Gloss options plus OFF
4 LIE lace options (2 style with MFlakes and without)
19 Transparencies and Transmaps
Various Metallic Flake Options including Blank Out, Plain, ON, OFF, Roughness and Density
15 Premade Textures

— Properties
1-Simulation Settings 1
2-Add Initialization Time 0.5
Smoothing On and OFF

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