Dial Control for Genesis to Genesis 8

Updated to version 1.3
Improved some MacOS GUI issues, and fixed issue where script would not be added to Scripts menu in rare cases

2021-02-16 Added genesis 8.1 support

Added new minimize script option.
Added ability to list morphs with default values.
Added ability to jump to morph location on the drive.

Are you a Dial Mixer like us? Ever lose track of all the dials being used on your character and where they are located and what product packages they come from? Then Dial Control is for you. Utilizing the power of the Currently Used feature inside Studio, Dial Control gives you more power to manage what dials are being used.

Now you can easily navigate through all the dials used on your character via the script options available, and display them any way you like to improve your workflow. See what is redundant or missing by listing specific dials in a group instead of showing all. This tool is also handy for character makers who utilize morph packages and want to double-check that no unwanted dials are present before saving.

You can also jump to any selected morph from within the script and it will show you exactly where it is located on your character inside Studio’s Viewport Parameters pane. The script also comes with the ability to pin itself to your menu or be opened via an assigned shortcut key for quick and easy access.

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