Dial-a-Girl: Budapest Express

Dial-a-Girl is back, and this time we’re off to Hungary! DSON Importer for Poser, DAZ Studio 4.7

Meet Dora, Hanna, Jazmin, Liliana, Reka and Tamara. Six beautiful Eastern European models, each with their own distinct look.

Included in this pack are six character shapes made with the Genesis 2 Female Head and Body Morphs. For maximum flexibility, the shapes are split into full character, body, head, breasts, brow, cheeks, ears, eyes, jaw, mouth and nose presets. There are a total of 67 shape presets, allowing you to mix-and-match unique combinations. You can also mix these presets with your favorite character head or body morphs, as well as other Dial-a-Girl products.

The six included characters have been carefully dialed from photo references to ensure tons of character and realism. Unique and beautiful Genesis 2 Female characters are just a few clicks away!

Poser companion files are included.

Note: no textures are included.
What’s Included and Features

Dial-a-Girl: Budapest Express (.DUF and .PZ2)
67 Shaping Presets:
6 Full Body Presets
6 Body Presets
7 Breast Presets
6 Head Presets
6 Brow Presets
6 Cheek Presets
6 Ear Presets
6 Eye Presets
6 Jaw Presets
6 Mouth Presets
6 Nose Presets

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Genesis 2 Female(s) Morphs Bundle


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