DM Elaya’s Asylum

DM Elaya's Asylum
Elaya’s asylum is a sacred place, filled with comfort and silence … and if you listen closely, you can hear the stones whisper their secrets from ancient times … the footsteps and soft laughter of the young maidens in training as priestesses … the sweet breath of lovers entwined … the clashing of swords yielded by soldiers and renegades alike … the rituals chanted at the altar … the prayers of a mother … can you see it?

This package contains:

  • 10 scenes, ready to be used in pz3-format
  • 1 building (Asylum) in cr2-format (.obj & cr2)
  • 21 individual props (.obj & pp2)
  • 22 poses for Victoria 3
  • 10 light settings
  • 10 camera settings
  • High resolution textures Bonus – Elaya character for Victoria 3