Dreamlace3 for Aiko3.0

Dreamlace3 for Aiko3.0 - clothing, daz-poser-carrara

This time you would get 2 panties, one is normal style, the other is a mini skirt! Both of them are detailed and the whole lingerie set has many useful A3 body morphs and many funny special effect morphs.

The set comprises 3 pieces:

ii. Dreamlace3_A3_Pan1
ii. Dreamlace3_A3_Pan2


i. 14 V3 body morphs for the lingerie. All of the morphs can change automatically with A3 body change when there exist a Aiko 3.0 figure.
ii. 24 pose morphs for all the three pieces, to use the pose morphs, please select any piece of the lingerie, select “Body” part , and then adjust the pose morph value in the parameter dia. I have designed a very easy way to quick use all the pose morphs, you can go to the Pose library and select the “Hongyu’s Dreamlace3” director and you can find there are 24 poses that control all the pose morphs, just select the lingerie piece you want to change and double click any of the poses to apply the pose morph. There are also 3 poses that zero each piece of the lingerie set, they are named beginning with “MT_Zero”.
iii.. 31 extral shape morphs for all the three piecese to help you to control the shape of clothing easily and freely, and fix many problems when apply pose morphs.
v. 6 Realistic and high resolution texture in 7 color MATs.
vi. 1 MAT Pose for Poser5 rendering and 1 MAT pose foron hiding the knowbot.

Dreamlace3 for Aiko3.0 - clothing, daz-poser-carrara

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