Easy Feet for Genesis 8 Male

Easy Feet for Genesis 8 Male


Get complete control over the feet of all Genesis 8 Male based characters.

This Add On for Genesis 8 Male based characters comes with 109 additional control dials for the feet and toes.

There are controls for the entire left and right foot, both feet, all toes (left and right foot) separately or together and metatarsals. Included are also custom morphs to adjust the feet (sole shape, ankle shape, and dorsi shape) and for the nail length (each nail separately or all together).

Make the feet and/or toes longer, shorter, wider, smaller, thinner, thicker, bend, rotate and twist them. Each toe can be controlled separately as well as the metatarsals.

You can achieve extreme poses with these controls. Scripts to disable/enable the limits are included. All controls are set to pose or shape modifier so that you can save presets if you like.

This control add on is very versatile. Whenever you are in need of more control of the Genesis 8 Male(s) feet, this one is right for you.

The controls are located in the main actor parameters in Pose Controls and as alias controls in each foot for convenience.

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Genesis 8 Male

Easy Feet for Genesis 8 Male


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