Easy Teeth for Genesis 3 Male(s)

The teeth of humans never look exactly the same.

Give your Genesis 3 Male based characters some more individuality with adjusting the shape and look of their teeth.

This morph pack contains 134 morphs to adjust the shape and position of the teeth. You can adjust each tooth individually. Make them wider/smaller, longer/shorter, adjust the depth or make the tooth or several/all teeth completely gone to get a gap. Great for elderly men, younger kids with tooth gaps or any other situation where a missing tooth or teeth is needed. You can also move and rotate the upper incisors, lateral incisors and canines.

Included are also morphs for all teeth, like one to get childish milk teeth. Children’s teeth do not look like adult ones, so this is very handy for younger characters. 3 morphs to make the teeth irregular are included beside morphs to make the lower and upper canines sharp and also the upper incisors (nice for vampires or other fantasy creatures) as well.

Rounded up is this product by the included 10 material presets for Iray. Unclean and yellowed teeth, different teeth tones like slightly stained or bleached white teeth, bloody teeth and one preset with gold teeth. There are also 7 shape presets included that utilize the morphs. You can of course save all your teeth adjustments as your own shape presets as well to be able to quickly apply your favorite settings later.

Overall a very versatile product to make your characters more unique.


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