Elm Tree Suite

This open concept of a vacation home is like no other. Some may find it weird but others want to try how an open concept of a bathroom and bedroom works. It might get messy but it won't hurt to try right? Elm Tree Suite has a bathtub beside the bed, a sink in front, and a shower on the side. It's different from other vacation homes but allows you to relax and unwind just the same.
Elm Tree Suite (.DUF)
Elm Tree Suit Complete Preset
Zero Props:
ETS Book
ETS Cabinet
ETS Carpet
ETS Ceiling
ETS Center Table
ETS Chair Circle
ETS Chair Long
ETS Chair Short
ETS Chandelier
ETS Dining Chair
ETS Dining Table
ETS Floor First
ETS Floor Second
ETS Hanging Chair
ETS Mini Fridge
ETS Pillows
ETS Plant Big
ETS Plant Small
ETS Plant Tall
ETS Side Table
ETS Sink
ETS Sliding Door
ETS Television
ETS Towel Fold
ETS Towel Stand
ETS Wall East
ETS Wall North
ETS Wall South
ETS Wall West
ETS Window 01 Lower
ETS Window 02 Lower
ETS Window Upper
ETS Wine Bottle
ETS Wine Drawer Big
ETS Wine Drawer Small
ETS Wine Glass
ETS Wood Chair Octagon
ETS Wood Chair Round
Textures Include:
166 Texture, Bump, and Normal Maps (500 x 500 to 4096 x 4096)
Optimized for Iray

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