Elven House Bundle

36 model variatons (12 meshes: 4 type of houses x 4 texture variations = 16, 4 LODs x 4 texture variations = 16, 4 props), textures with additional specularity, normal map, 2048×2048 pixel resolution.

NOTE: Due to saving in download pack size, we provide only 12 meshes, you will need to open mesh in some 3D application and re-apply all available texture files in order to get all model variations.

? UnityPackage (NEW!)
? LWO (Lightwave)
? 3DS (3D Studio)
? OBJ (Wavefront Object)
? FBX (Autodesk FBX)
? DAE (Collada)
? X (MS Direct X format)
? DTS (Torque Game Engine), LODs inside models but without collision models
? MDL (Gamestudio A7)

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