EveryDay Clothes for Lil’ Bit

Clothes are mapped with Headus UVLayout.
DAZ Studio optimized materials are not included however the set may use in there with surface settings adjustment.
Clothing (.CR2 and .OBJ)

* Dress (may use as top only)
* Pants
* Socks
* Socks with frills

* MAT poses

*8 MATs for the pants
*9-9 MATs for the socks
*14 MATs for the dress

* 4 Handle Pose files

* No arms (hides arm materials
* No inlay (hides inlay material)
* No skirt (hide the skirt part)
* Top MAT-Mor (hides all arm,
inlay and skirt materials
and set the needed morphs)

* Materials

* 5 materials for the pants
* 7 materials for the socks with frill
* 8 materials for the socks
* 9 materials for the dress

Required: Link to post:
Lil Bit


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