Faith the Fighter


Faith is ready to rumble in the ring or on the battlefield.

She is perfect for renders with sports, fights, wars but also fantasy scenes.
The possibilities are endless, she is great also for pin-up or romantic scenes due to her carefully crafted textures.

Three different pubic options: without hair, with hair, with less hair.
Included MAT with Tattoos for arms and neck.

There are also several special MAT files for cuts and bruises for her face and eyes.

She is created for V4 only. The head is custom morphed.
The body needs morphs++ and even better if you use elite morphs too.

Her textures were created using high definition pictures of real skin in order to make her very realistic.

Included MAT files in both .pz2 and .mc6 versions.

This product was never created or tested in Daz.



Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.


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