Fembot 2.0

Designed for flexibility and imagination, the FEMBOT 2.0 is fully programmed to serve your every need. From universal soldier to robotic mercenary, domestic assistant to personal companion, every conceivable function has been pre-loaded into each unit. (Access the FEMBOT 2.0 personalization functions via the easy-to-use holographic interface.)

Programmed to mimic human interaction in every imaginable way, the FEMBOT 2.0 is the ultimate synthetic companion. Whether you want to improve your tennis skills, engage in stimulating topical conversation, or simply enjoy the flesh-like poly-fiber skin cladding, the FEMBOT 2.0 will exceed your every expectation in performance and customizability.

Whether for protection, home defense, or fully engaged combat, the FEMBOT 2.0 comes equipped with the latest arsenal of smart weaponry. From Focal STUN Generators to giga-radial Sonic EMP fields, the FEMBOT 2.0 is programmed to be as lethal as it is beautiful.

WARNING: Careless use of FEMBOT 2.0 switching modes can fragment function boundaries, resulting in directive confusion. This can be especially dangerous if your FEMBOT 2.0 is used for both combat and companion purposes. Warning signs include (but are not limited to) jealous threats, emotional feedback loops, misuse of weapon functions, refusal to obey standby commands, and general operational instability. If these behaviours occur, disable your unit?s Emotional Cortex Matrix (Emo-CortrixTM) and contact Cirius Cybernetics? friendly technical response Corps.

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