FF's Faery Antics Poses for Genesis 9

There's something lurking in your imagination. Something fun, something impishly delightful, something a little impertinent and magical. It's FF's Faery Antics poses! Inspired by the ND Liloo character for Genesis 9, but also designed to work with the Genesis 9 Base Feminine and the Victoria 9 character, these poses will satisfy your need for spritely adventures in your renders.

There's lots of action with FF's Faery Antics poses. 20 carefully crafted poses that range from sublimely beautiful pinups to fiendishly plotting mayhem. There are presets for ND Liloo, Victoria 9, and the Genesis 9 Base Feminine shape. Also included are 20 matching Animated Timeline Poses (plus a handy PDF tutorial explaining how to use them to get your best dForce simulations.) The ATPs are meant to work with the ND Liloo Outfit, but with little to no adjusting, you can use these presets on any other dForce outfit!

To complete the set, there are also 8 expression poses (plus one utility expression to return the expression to the default "neutral" face) that cover emotions from happy to disgruntled – everything you need to capture the nuances of your render.

As always, FeralFey poses have been fact-checked for balance, gravity, and realism.

FF's Faery Antics Poses for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
20 Full Body Poses for ND Liloo
20 Full Body Poses for Victoria 9
20 Full body Poses for Genesis 9 Base Feminine
20 Animated Timeline Poses
01 PDF Tutorial on how to use Animated Timeline Poses
08 Expressions
01 Zero Expression
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dForce ND Liloo Clothing for Genesis 9
ND Liloo for Genesis 9

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