File Reference Editor


The File Reference Editor is a stand-alone tool for Windows and Mac OS X to change the file references in content files for DAZ Studio 4 (and up) and for Poser 7 (and up). It lists all references as they are in the content file. Identical references can be edited together or separately. It locates and shows the file(s) that a given reference is pointing to, as well as the referring keys in the content file. Files can be located either by resolving a relative path or by searching the full content directories.

The File Reference Editor provides direct inline editing of the references. The search / replace feature may be applied to the full reference or restricted to parts like the path, the file name, or the extension. Also, it’s possible to replace these parts separately for one or several references, or to replace a reference by selecting a file for it.

Additional tools allow for switching between absolute and relative paths or to toggle alternate extensions, e.g. indicating a compressed or uncompressed file. The referenced file may be renamed or moved to a different folder while automatically adjusting the reference to this change.



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