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      This article will introduce you to the best Blender Tutorials that are out there. Let’s get started. Blender is a famous free and open source 3D creation software that supports the very foundation of all 3D softwares like modelling, sculpting, texture-painting, rigging, animation, real time rendering, compositing, simulations and motion tracking, as well as video editing and last but not the least game development. Blender Started in January 1994 and as of this date, Blender keeps improving and can go as far as other 3D software programs that are used by Big Industry Professionals. We’ve searched the Internet to help you find the Best and leading Blender Tutorials out there so you can start from Scratch and become a Professional someday. Practice creates masters. In case you haven’t installed Blender yet, here the link.

      Free Blender Tutorials

      Let’s begin with the Free Blender Tutorials, everyone wants Free right? There are plenty of Blender Tutorials out there and I sorted out the best of all to help you learn fast.

      Default Blender Fundamentals

      Blender gave us a free software but not only that, it also comes with a free Official tutorial on how to use their product. Through a playlist that you can find on Youtube, it has 47 basic courses that can help you start with your 3D practices and it is called “Blender Fundamentals”. You’ll learn the very basic concepts with those short and crystal clear videos that Blender made specially for everyone who’s willing to learn.

      Blender Guru / Andrew Price

      Here’s the link for his Blender playlists beginner tutorial: He was given the name Blender Guru because of his massive tutorials on his Youtube channel which are very reliable when it comes to learning Blender 3D. Andrew Price as his real name gave a free tutorial through the famous platform Youtube which consists of 24 videos on his Playlists regarding on starting modelling on Blender, after you’re done and quite familiar with Blender, you can check out his older videos which is also helpful for users of older versions of Blender, some older tutorials are also quite useful on Blender. He has a website which has collections of materials and HDRs that are very useful for artists. You can find free and paid materials that you need. Link:

      Cg Geek 3d Blender Tutorials

      CG GEEK is another promising teacher with his advanced learning on Blender both from older and newer versions. After learning the fundamentals and the very basics of Blender this is a good jump off point to advance your learning of Blender, with these tutorials you need a lot of patience because not everything you do will have the same results as his, don’t worry! Just follow and keep practicing. You will learn from his tutorials on how to lighting, procedural material node editing and also compositing. Compositing is a very complex topic but he will make sure that you’ll learn step by step on how to use it. Check out his channel to see more about his tutorials.

      Cg Cookie

      Aside from his tutorials that can be found on his website, He also offers free Blender 3D courses, you guess it right! On Youtube. As a complete novice you’ll learn the basics from his tutorial such as simple modelling then to advance simulation, sculpting, rigging and particle systems. He has a very broad content which will help you lead to the right path of becoming a Professional. Consider his tutorials, you’ll get a lot of tricks and concepts on how to perfectly get the output that you really want. Here’s a link to his Youtube channel: you can find out many more on his channel.

      Grant Abbitt Blender Tutorials

      Grant Abbitt is a freelance artist, youtuber and a teacher. He is very well known for his hand painted works and sculpting in Blender. This guy is the one you should be watching for when it comes to sculpting and painting . As everyone (including him) offers free courses about Blender for complete beginners guide, he also offers free sculpting courses which is his main content and also to add there is also Environmental design, game assets, character creation and texture painting that he also does on his youtube channel. Amazing stuffs that you can find on his youtube channel:

      Gleb Alexandrov Blender Tutorials

      Every rendering of models and other stuff is in need of a perfect lighting. A good lighting can drastically change a perspective of the viewer. Understanding the fundamentals of lighting is very essential in 3D space. Alexandrov does explain everything that you need to know regarding lighting and how to use HDRs, filmic lighting, Realistic lighting and Lighting a dull scene. He owns a website called Art Station who aims to share tutorials and other content aiming to help people succeed in this 3D niche. You can subscribe on his website which is paid for 6.99$/month for the Plus subscription and 9.95/month for the Pro Subscription. Check out his youtube channel for more tutorials:

      Cg Boost

      As other Channels mostly do, he also gives a full series tutorial about Blender. He aims to teach you the Fundamentals of Blender while creating a beautiful 3D scene from scratch. Here’s everything that he offers regarding Blender fundamentals User Interface, modeling, hard surface modeling, cloth simulation, Uv unwrapping, Texture painting, materials, procedural materials, transparent textures, particles, and Rigid Body. Check out his channel you can find a lot more about His tutorials, most is about Blender Tutorials that are also updated to the new Blender.

      Skill Share Blender Tutorials

      Skill share blender tutorials

      Skillshare is an online learning community which provides thousands of courses and many more that helps people find the right place for their talents. Skillshare aims members to Get inspired, learn new skills, and Make Discoveries. Teachers share expertise, and earn money. The thing that you thought that couldn’t be possible will eventually happen. Skillshare provides a free course about Blender that aims to help you know how to get the basics right. There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet that are outdated so be sure to check out the best tutorial in 2020. Enrollment is free here and there are no prerequisites, you just need to sign up to take the course for free. You’re on the right track to learning Blender mastery. Provided link:

      Olav 3D Tutorials

      Olav 3D Tutorials focuses on Simulations like Water Simulation, Smoke and Fire Simulations, Wind in Physics Simulation, Hair Simulations, and Cloth Simulation. Much of his tutorials are based on older versions but when Blender was released he recreated some of the simulations so beginners can still learn with the new version of Blender and he does improve all of his simulation unlike before, he added more details to make it more look realistic and give you a finer detail. Make sure to check out his awesome channel:

      Blender Artists Tutorials

      blender artists tutorials

      A large community of Blender Artists, Developers, Hobbyist, and Professionals. Blender Artists is a free to use forum site for the Blender 3D community. It is operated by Veldhuizen Interactive, who also operates All of your answers regarding Blender can be answered through the community help, so you don’t need to worry about it because everyone will help you fix your problem. Here’s a link to your problem that has every solutions:

      Blender Nation

      blender nations website

      Blender Nation provides free daily news, art and tutorials. It is also operated by Veldhuizen Interactive, who also operates . You’ll not miss any news regarding Blender and it’s updates. The more community you join the more answers you get. More knowledge, more power! Information can help you drive yourself into becoming an artist, check out this website:

      Blender Subreddit

      Subreddit about Blender 3d

      The famous Reddit, I know you’ve already heard of it. It is the 6th most popular site in the United States and 18th Worldwide. Blender Subreddit is a collection of news, share contents and comment with each other’s posts. Literally it is also a large community which consists of 260,000 members worldwide. You can find a bunch of Blender tips and techniques which you can use later on your projects to overwhelm yourself and your viewers. Link to this awesome website:

      blender official website

      A list of helpful communities where you can set off your problems regarding Blender. A place where you can grow and develop your skill and help you drive your passion of becoming a Professional 3D graphics artist, and also to add off this maybe your profession someday and you’ll be the one teaching others, that would be a great achievement. skills and can help you to propel to the right path of becoming a future artist. Links to list of overwhelming communities that can help you develop with your future career:

      Cg Matter Blender Tutorials

      CG Matter introduces Substance Painter to Blender 2.8 as an Intermediate/Advance painting instead of using texture through your assets that can be used on your game assets. A more artistic effect can be achieved using Substance Painter, you can control every material you use and invent your own mixture of color for more stunning results.

      Blender Binge

      Provides a quality tutorial about Blender compositing which is also beginner friendly, compositing is a technique used by Professionals for improving the output of their work. Once you’ve known this practice and technique there’s no bad output and you can completely enhance the quality of your render. You can achieve a realistic or perfect cartoon look depending on the concept of your render.

      Default Cube

      A 2 hour video that fully consists of one topic all about Node editor, this video is very helpful to everyone specially beginners because this is the 1st stage of the models coming to life and color. You’ll learn how to use different bump maps, diffuse, roughness and color maps. Procedural nodes will help you achieve that stunning render that you want. At first it will be hard, but then if you keep practicing this will be a normal practice for you. Once you start learning, you’ll be addicted to it and that’s when an Artist is born. A fresher and detailed look for your model is what you need to expect , make sure to check their video.

      Level Pixel Level

      This Channel provides a free Blender Drivers Master Class which is very useful in your animation project. It is like simple programming inside Blender. Once you mastered it, you can incorporate it on other moving objects like gears, wheels of cars and many other more. Don’t miss out this Drivers tutorial.


      Dedouze Channel Teaches Grease Pencil in Blender, if you are into Drawing then his tutorial is for you. His tutorial is dedicated to beginners and as well as people who have experience in Blender but are new with Grease Pencil. Grease pencil can be used in Art, 2D and 3D Drawing. It can also be used as a traditional 2D animation, motion graphics and as a storyboard tool. Part 2:


      Based on his name, his main focus is Sculpting. He uses different methods in Sculpting and he does use Virtual Reality too. He’s a very talented artist and you can gain a lot of lessons in his channel. There are many videos in his channel that can help you develop your interests in 3D sculpting development. A very good channel to start your career to sculpting: Don’t dare to miss his channel, a very talented sculpting artist.

      Paid Blender Courses

      Diving into deeper knowledge about Blender is not quite expensive, there are plenty of paid online courses about Blender that are sure to help you progress with your 3D learning. Jumping from free courses and paid courses is not really hard. The fruit of having a subscription in a paid course is more overwhelming because the explanation and exercises are not quite the same as the free courses, never look at the small money that you will put out. A small amount of money can be the new beginning of your future 3D career. Most of the artists start with zero knowledge but as time passes by they keep learning and growing. The most important thing is don’t stop even if it’s hard, practice makes progress, eventually you will become the artist that you really want for yourself,no one can stop you from learning, Keep learning and Choose the right Blender Course for you, always confirm that the Instructor has a solid background about 3D softwares and that has hands-on experience using Blender. The course should also have hands-on projects and exercises to apply the skills that you’ve learned. You can see below the best paid platforms that offer the best Blender tutorial, check it out now.

      Udemy Blender Tutorials

      udemy 3d tutorials

      Udemy is an American online learning platform, founded in 2010, and most well known and widely used learning platform as of today. There are currently 50 million students worldwide, 35,000 instructors and overwhelming 100,000+ courses. A list of multiple courses about Blender can be found in their platform which is very essential for deeper learning in Blender. What can we expect for a paid course? It has crystal clear instructions and step by step to guide you to complete the courses that you bought. Provided link:

      Blender Cloud

      blender cloud

      Blender cloud is a web based service developed by Blender Institute that allows subscribers to access the training videos and all Data from the open Projects. Learn like a pro, access quality content, you can open a Blender Open movie and see how it’s made and all the assets that were used. They’ve been creating short movies for almost 10 years. Subscribe now and get the latest updates. Your future is within your hands. They use the revenues to support Blender projects – open movies and software development and organising the Blender Foundation duties. Visit their website link:

      Cg Cookie Blender Tutorials

      3d training courses

      Aside from having multiple Free Tutorials on his Youtube Channel, CG Cookie also offers paid courses on his website which is definitely way more advanced than his free lessons on his Youtube Channel. I guarantee you that you will learn from scratch and end up with different ideas, concepts, and problem solving skills that you will need the most in developing your career as a 3D artist. He offers a free 7 day trial on all his training and the good thing is you can cancel it anytime. You can check out his website : to learn more and be updated on his new tutorials.

      Best Practice To Develop Your Blender Skills

      • Always identify your goal – Identifying your goal is essential when you want to start learning throughout yourself. Goal is something that will drive you to push yourself to the limit.
      • Challenge yourself – challenging oneself is the ultimate key to succeed, leave the old you and be a better version of your past.
      • Keep watch of your learning progress – make a document of your learning progress, that’s a great way to know if you are really learning or you’re just reading, and always review your lessons.
      • Research others’ work and learn from them – Make a comparison of your work with others, never underestimate if you have bad results, always learn from them, and know their practice on how they do it.
      • Drive yourself toward yourself motivation – Motivating yourself is surely a hard way to start, but the real secret in motivation is, be a motivation for yourself, always believe in yourself even no one believes in you. Support yourself.
      • Create something from what you’ve learned – proving that you’ve learned something is through making a product of your learning.
      • Share what you’ve learned throughout the communities and other professionals – joining a community is a much deeper world that can enhance your creativity, self discipline, social engaging, and drive for your passion. This is a great way to seek help, gain techniques and tricks, and also a place for an artist like you to grow more.
      • Practice everyday even if it means a little time – A story of a Filipino pool player, Efren Bata Reyes, this is a game not related to the 3D niche. His secret that led him to be a great player Worldwide is by practicing everyday even though for only 1-2 hrs. The same tactics can be used in this 3D niche, never lose a day without practicing, a small practice makes big progress that you never know.
      • Time spent planning is, time well spent – Perfect planning is time well spent, it proves that you are really into something to make it perfect.
      • Never ignore your failure, learn from it – Failure is your greatest asset to learning, never ignore a failure, failure is like a feedback, without feedback there’s no improvement, without improvement will result in low quality of work.
      • Choose a good mentor – A good mentor can be an advantage for your growth as a 3D artist. They help you learn from their experiences.
      • Start Creating a Network within your surroundings – Starting a network or a group with the same niche, you can collaborate with different ideas personally and team up to finish a project. This way it increases your engagement in 3D development, a network can be very small from the start and the more you engage with it the more it becomes bigger. You can start a different career using the network that you build, you have the connections with people, those people will drive your career. You just need to improve.
      • Never Stop Learning – The same as teachers, they never stop learning, train your brain to make it sharp every time. Don’t stop learning different skills regarding 3D development. Explore and improve it, develop different techniques and incorporate new technologies that also use 3D, like 3D printing, Virtual reality apps, and Augmented reality. Someday everyone will be amazed how 3D works and 3D technology will have a massive boost and development cycle in the near future. Start developing today, a good future waits for you.
      • Don’t concern yourself with the opinion of other people – You will encounter negative people around that can alter your learning process on the way, once you’ve encountered and you feel like they are negative with what you do, the best thing to do is, get away yourself with that kind of person. Always surround yourself with positivity, feed your brain with good thoughts. What you feed your brain is what it makes you to be.


      We’ve provided all the best Blender tutorials, including the best channels, people, and advice that you can follow to make an advancement in your 3D career. From the very basic fundamentals and up to the most advanced tutorial we’ve brought you the greatest Artists and communities out there from Youtube and other websites. There is no perfect teacher or a perfect blog that can help you to be an expert, you just need to think outside of the box, keep exploring and practicing because someday the best experiences come from those little things that you enjoy the most even though it is hard. We hope that we gave you the best help that we can to help you start from Scratch.

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