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      Manual Install

      This article how to install Daz3d with different daz install manager. We will go through the many advantages of the Daz Install Manager (DIM), how to install, set up and make good use of each of its many functions. We will learn as well how to download and update content, either install manually or via software. To finish, we will describe the advantages of the new daz3d installer DazCentral and how it compares to the original manager. Just a few steps to get all the information you should know.

      Daz Install Manager (DIM)

      So, how does it exactly work? In simple words, the Daz3d Install Manager (also referred as DIM) is the hub for all your content from Daz. When you open the Daz3D Installer, you are able to download Daz Studio as well as content previously purchased from the marketplace. This comes in great help, since you will find all your content in one place, as well as updates in case needed. No more digging through folders to find your products, or trying to remember if your product version is updated. In order to download the free Daz3D Install Manager, go to the following link, register to create your account and then press the “Download Now” button. Once done, we can move on with the installation process.It is pretty simple so you will not have major issues.
      daz install manager DIM
      Double-click in the downloaded file and you will be prompted by a welcome screen, press “Next” to continue with the installation. We will also accept the license agreement by checking the box “I accept the agreement”. We will press “Next”. The installer will inform that there is enough information to install the application. We press “Next”. Remember that at any time we can quit the installation process by clicking in the “Cancel” button located in the bottom-right corner. We let the process finish as it installs (pretty quickly) and soon the product will be installed and ready to launch.

      Set Up Your Account inside Daz Install Manager

      The software should be properly installed and you should be prompted by the following Login screen. In any case, you can use the shortcut icon on your desktop to open Daz3D Install Manager. We click in the green box “Add Account” and fill in with the data that we entered before downloading the software. After that, you should get your account set up. Remember to enter a name that will help best identify your account.
      daz install manager account setup
      Once completed, you can access your account. In case you indicate you will be working offline, there is no need for a password (we should check the box). Otherwise working online, enter your password and press “Start”. Viola! Welcome to the main screen from the Install Manager (We will call it DIM from now on). Here is where magic happens.

      Download Your Files with the Daz3d Install Manager

      daz3d install manager download files
      The first panel is called “Ready to Download”. Here you will find listed all available downloads, such as the Daz3D Studio software itself and other components such as assets, and plugins. You will find each item with its name and sorted by product or update. In case no items are listed in this screen, it means you have nothing new to download.
      daz3d studio installer - filter by 3d models
      You can always sort items by alphabetical order, size, date, order date, status and many more. As well, we can filter items with the help of the search bar.
      daz 3d install manager filter by genesis
      One interesting feature is the checkbox “Install After Download”. If ticked it will automatically install every downloaded item immediately.
      daz dim install after download feature
      It only remains to actually download, either press “Start Queue” after choosing items to download or download each individually by pressing in the Download Box to the right of each element.

      Install Your Files

      This panel is called “Ready to Install” and listed you will find all previous items that completed their download process. You will need now to choose which of them to install by tickling on the box next to each and press “Start Queue”. You will also be reminded of the location of installed files. You can change the directory by heading to your settings. Click in the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Installer. Then click on Basic Settings and browse your new location.
      daz installed assets
      In the “Installed” panel we will find previously installed products. If there is also a check mark next to it, it means the product is Smart and has metadata installed. You can always uninstall an item by clicking in the box “Uninstall”. If you decide to uninstall multiple items, check each of them and proceed to “Uninstall all Selected”, that easy!


      You can download the new daz installer for free here. DazCentral (we will call it DC) has been recently incorporated to the family of products. The main difference with the IM is its sleek User Interface. Once installed, we will see a whole new look that helps keep things organized. Thanks to its new Content Manager, the content is automatically sorted so it is easier to find.
      …. If we click in “My assets” we will see a list of products installed and organized either by name, order date or size, as preferred. DazCentral My Assets So, what is the main difference with DIM? In short words, DC is another option for those who feel unfamiliar with the DIM interface. However, you can have both installed (although not running simultaneously). More additional features that come with DC:

      • You can access tutorials right from the app.
      • You can open your 3D content right into Daz3D Studio in one click.
      • You can manage and update your Plugins

      Daz3D Manual Install

      We know it can get messy at times performing a manual installation, and certainly it requires a bit more attention. But following the steps below will do just fine and you should not encounter any problem, so let’s get started.

      Download your content

      When downloading content, it often comes compressed in a .zip or .rar format. Make sure to be able to decompress the files by downloading the right program such as 7Zip or Winrar. Create a separate folder where you will extract your files, so you always keep track of file locations in an organized way.

      Copy your files

      Create a new folder e.g. “My Third Party Content”, it could be on your desktop. We will copy here all necessary files. Open your downloaded zip file and you will probably see that the main folder is called Content, My Library, DAZ Library, etc. Double-click and skim through the subfolders until you find some with names such as “Data” “People” “Runtime“. We should drag all those listed folders to “My Third Party Content”.
      daz3d manual install unzipping giles

      Locate your folder

      Start your DAZ Studio. Go to “Edit” then “Preferences”, head to the “Content” tab and click on Content Directory Manager.
      daz 3d manual install - content directory manager
      Click where says “DazStudio Formats” from the dropdown list to your right. After that, click on “Add” and locate your previously created folder. In this case “My Third Party Content”. Accept to all and we are ready to use our content.
      daz3d manual install third party content into daz studio
      What we did was simply help the software locate our files. Now in the main left panel, find the “Content Library” tab and then “3D Studio Format” dropdown. Our folder is now available with new content. Make sure to refresh by right click “Refresh”. All done!
      daz manual install - content library


      So far we have seen how necessary it is for everyone using Daz Studio to get a general knowledge about working with the install manager. In the article we explained not only the basics but also meaningful functions that are often overlooked. In addition, we explained how to perform a manual installation and how it can be a good alternative to import your content, especially if it’s third-party. You are now more than ready to import your stuff and get your work going.

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