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      What is Daz3d Genesis 3? In it’s time it was known as a major upgrade to the Daz Genesis technology, the realistic human character engine of Daz Studio. This engine offers a huge variety of human 3d models that you can modify from head to toe to create your individual 3d figure for rendering.

      Daz3d Genesis 3 brought a lot of new rendering advancements compared to the previous Daz Genesis generation. This was until its successor Daz3d Genesis 8 got released.

      daz3d genesis 3 female Hillary

      Genesis 3 female figure – Hillary HD

      This figure platform provides a huge number of most different features and advantages. For instance, it proposes compatibility along all Genesis 3 figures. As a result, users can use the same clothes, hair or any other accessory on any Daz Studio Genesis 3 character, be it a small girl or a big monster. Another example of a feature would be cross application support. In other words, this means that you can manipulate Daz Studio content in other software. You can use export and import tools built-in in the program for this. You can export to other popular programs such as Maya3ds Max and others.

      There are many more functions and features available for Daz3d Genesis 3 figures which we will cover in this article. Namely things like:

      • Male and female base figures
      • Powerful morphing capabilities and tools
      • Incredibly detailed and realistic characters
      • Significantly improved articulation
      • Wide facial expressions parameters

      To go deeper into these features and to better understand them, we are going to compare the Daz Studio Genesis 3 platform with Genesis 8 in the next section.

      Genesis 3 vs Genesis 8

      First of all, to compare Daz3d Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 platforms, we need to explain why they were chosen. Genesis 8 is simply the next generation of the Genesis line, there are no versions 4 to 7. Consequently, as for today, Genesis 3 is the previous generation. So, in fact, it is the outdated version of the Genesis 8. Although there are no significant differences between them. Even though Genesis 3 is not as advanced a figure and model, it still has its use.

      The main reason why someone could use Daz Studio Genesis 3 platform instead of Genesis 8 is the price or the big coverage of 3d assets that was built over time for it. To clarify, since Genesis 8 is the newest platform, products for it can be more expensive. Most of the add-ons and assets for Genesis 3 are used less nowadays. This means that you can often find a really good discount prices for them or even get them for free from Daz3d freebies.

      daz genesis 3 vs 8

      Basic Daz Studio Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 male figures

      As mentioned earlier, the screenshot shows that there is no significant difference between the figures. At first glance, you can notice only a couple of things. Things such as their pose and the look of their skins.

      But if you start to pay close attention, you can clearly notice details such as eyes, brows, chest and it’s hair and many others make them look different. Overall figure on the right looks more realistic, while the man on the left looks a bit more graphical and cartoony.

      We are not going to explain every way how exactly Genesis 8 is better than Genesis 3. You can read more about next generation pros in our other article about Daz3d Genesis 8.

      The last thing worth mentioning about the connection between these two generations is compatibility. When you are using Daz3d Genesis 3 character but want to use Genesis 8 assets with it it might run into problems. But this issue is easily solvable with the use of the Character Converter from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8. You can convert both Male figures and Female figures.

      daz character converter from genesis 3 to genesis 8

      Genesis 3 figure converted into Genesis 8 figure – Character Converter for male

      Daz 3d Genesis 3 Morphing

      Morphing is a powerful tool available in Daz Studio. It allows users to morph their characters. To clarify, that means that there are a number of presets that are available to users and they can change the value of said morphs. The higher the value, the stronger are the changes.

      daz3d genesis 3 morphing sliders

      Morphing sliders for the Daz Studio Genesis 3 figure

      Just when you download Daz Studio for free, there will be some morphs included right there. Using them, you can morph your characters and make them look a lot different from the default.

      Default and morphed Daz3d Genesis 3 characters

      However, included morphs are quite limited. They are not enough. Besides, every person who installs Daz Studio would have these morphs. Therefore, if you want to create really unique characters, you will need to look into 3d-stuff Catalog, where you can find huge numbers of different morphs and choose according to your desires.

      We prepared for you information about some of the best morphs of each kind in the next sections. Namely Head Morphs, Body Morphs and Aging Morphs.

      Daz Genesis 3 Head Morphs

      First we are going to look at arguably one of the most important things. The face and the head of the character. And how you can change them using morphs.

      Daz3d had developed their own set of head morphs. Genesis 3 Head Morphs proposes users to morph such parts of the face as the eyes, ears, mouth, face and nose. These changes allow your Daz Studio Genesis 3 characters to obtain their own personality and individualized looks.

      daz genesis 3 male head morphs

      Male head morphs – Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs

      daz3d genesis 3 female head morphs

      Female head morphs – Daz Genesis 3 Female Head Morphs

      The other product is 200 Plus – Head & Face Morphs. It is an extensive set of 230 reference faces for your Daz3d Genesis 3 female faces. You can morph and change all parts of facial features you might want. This includes: Cranium, Face, Ears, Eyes, Forehead, Brows, Cheeks, Nose, Chin, Jaw, Mouth/Lips and Front Teeth.

      head and face morphs for daz studio gen 3

      Example of head morphs – Head & Face Morphs for Genesis 3 Female

      These should be a good selection of morphs for Daz Studio Genesis 3 platform that we find worth mentioning. Firstly, because the products above should be enough for the main purposes. Secondly, most of the rest morphs are attached to specific characters, for example Victoria 7. Consequently, they are not sold separately.

      Daz3d Gen 3 Body Morphs

      Body is a very important part of any character that can attract most of the attention. So there are a lot of the most different morphing tools available to change the body. About these tools we will inform you in this section.

      Same as with the face morphs, the first product on the list is the Daz Studio Genesis 3 Body Morphs by Daz3d. This product is divided into Male and Female versions.

      This morphs set allows users to change their Daz Studio Genesis 3 figures into any body types from the number of presets available. On the other hand, users can also change individual body parts to create the most unique figures for their renders. Example of individual morphing on screenshot:

      male body morphs for daz generation 3

      Body morphs by Daz3d – Genesis 3 Male Body Morphs

      You can enhance the strengths of the Daz3d Body Morphs. To do this, you should look into another product, called Body Mixer. This product allows separating the shapes from Daz3d body morphs into individual upper and lower areas. Most importantly, you can control these areas separately.

      Shape combinations created with Body Mixer – Body Mixer for Genesis 3

      Add-on proposes to mix and match details of the upper and lower areas with other shapes. Also you can emphasize said details or remove them at all. This tool is available both for Daz3d Genesis 3 and Genesis 8  for male and female figures.

      The next product offers some additional realistic variation of common female body types. It is Body Diversity Morphs for Genesis 3 for female characters only. These body types are designed specifically not to replace or mirror the body types from Daz Genesis 3 female Body morphs we discussed earlier. Furthermore, it expands upon said morphs and using them together works quite well.

      Figure presets – Body Diversity Morphs

      This set has nine base figures with morphs for each. The figures are: Curvy, Voluptuous, Skinny, Pear, Apple, HourGlass, Lanky, Petite & Sumptuous. Additionally there are seven HD details that are changed separately.

      Last body morph product that we are going to look into in this article is Shape Shift. This set has an astounding amount of 277 unique body morphs divided between Male and Female characters. Thanks to this amount of morphs, this product is one of the biggest sets of morphs on the Daz3d shop. Therefore it allows users to make the most different bodies.

      Different body shape morphs – Shape Shift for female

      Gen 3 Aging Morphs

      There are no easy ways of making your characters look older by default in Daz Studio. And from the start, most of the characters just look like young adults. But sometimes you just need to make a grandpa or just some plain old character. Even characters that look like they are around 40 are hard to make. That is why there are specific aging morphs about which we will write in this section.

      Old Man Poses and Walking Cane for Floyd 8

      We will look into only two aging morphs sets, because they are powerful enough, that you won’t need any more. First set is called Aging Morphs 3 for Daz3d Genesis 3 Female and Male figures. It is an extensive morphing set that provides users with the power of transforming any character into an elderly person. You can make your characters look just slightly older by adding a few wrinkles. Likewise you are free to push sliders further and make your character look very old.

      It is also good to know that this set is designed in the universal way. In other words, any morphs from this set can be stacked with other morphs and shapes.

      Body aging example – Aging Morphs 3 for Genesis 3 Female

      And the second aging morphs set is Aging Face Details HD that allows morphing both male and female figures. Main difference from the previous set is that these morphs only work on faces. In other words, you can’t in any way change the body of your characters using this tool.

      Then you might ask why should anyone prefer these morphs instead of the Aging Morphs 3? Well the main reason would be that these morphs are differ from others. That is to say, that they are unique and not mirror or replace any other and can work together. And details of the face aging that this tool proposes can be arguably better and more realistic than other tools.

      Aging face example – Aging Face Details HD for Genesis 3 and 8 Female

      All in all, if your scene is not showing the body of your character, you may prefer Aging Face Details. And if there is a body, then Aging Morphs 3 is a better choice. But you don’t need to choose, as you can combine both sets with each other and use them simultaneously.

      Daz3d Genesis 3 Skins

      The last add-on that we can’t just go past and must mention in the article is Skin Builder 3. It is one of the most powerful add-ons available for Daz3d Genesis 3 and Daz Studio overall.

      Main purpose of this tool is to allow users to modify or create brand new skins of their characters. You can blend skin textures from different races. And most importantly, create any type of skin yourself. Be it a realistic skin or something fantasy based. Even if you want just to enhance already existing skin, you can easily do that using the add-on.

      Before and after using Skin Builder 3 – Skin Builder 3

      Let’s look at the all of the main possible uses of the Skin Builder 3:

      • Blending different skin races to your liking
      • Creating a base skin from blended skins
      • Using color blending to fade skin tones of your characters
      • Applying such details on your characters: Blotches, Dark Pores, Fine Skin Details, Freckles, Veins, Spider Veins, Age Spots, Moles, Acne, Stretchmarks and Tanlines
      • Applying different makeup styles: Blush, Eye Shadows, Eye Liners, Lips
      • Changing Eyebrows, Eye Designs, Eyelashes, Nail colors and Genital Hair of your characters
      • Save your skins, textures and materials to use them with both Iray and 3Delight rendering engines

      With the use of such a powerful tool it becomes much easier to create most unique characters. So if you want to create some alien, elf or just hyper realistic human – this add-on would help you tremendously.

      daz3d genesis 3 realistic skin

      Realistic character – Skin Builder 3

      daz elf with blue skin

      Elf-like character – Skin Builder 3


      In the article we introduced you to the Daz3d Genesis 3 platform and we also covered every main aspect that the common user needs to know.

      Also we wrote about the Daz3D shop. Furthermore, we highlighted daz products that we find interesting and important. Types of products like high quality figures for both male and female characters, Head, Body and Aging morphs. Also the incredible Skin Builder 3 for Daz Studio Genesis 3.

      In conclusion one can understand that even though Daz3d Genesis 3 is a previous generation technology, it is still a viable, capable and a useful platform. A platform that can help you to create any character one might desire. Be it the ugly, old mutant, beautiful elf or just very realistic man.

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