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      What is Daz3d Genesis 8? First of all you need to understand that Daz Genesis is a platform, which means that it is not just any character or a figure, but more. It is a real character engine that allows you to choose any characters you like from hundreds of figures. You can refine and modify these figures in any way you like, so it would suit your desires, or you even can mix and match figures with one another to create your unique versions. But also, besides all this the platform provides a huge content library that easily adapts to any of your characters and the global network of thousands of talented artists that constantly create even more. Often newcomers get confused in the Genesis platform and it is easy to understand them. There are several Genesis versions and it is not clear at first glance e.g.

      • Which Daz Genesis version should you use?
      • What is the difference between different Genesis versions?
      • Where are Genesis versions 4, 5, 6, 7?

      And all of these common questions are quite easy to answer. The first thing anyone should understand is that each subsequent generation of Genesis is an improved version compared to the previous one. So, if you want the best figure, even though it can be more demanding, then Daz Genesis 8 is definitely worth using. About the version situation – Genesis versions 4 through 7 simply do not exist, the names jumped from 3 immediately to 8, since most of the characters and figures available in the program reached their 8th iteration, while Genesis launched only its 4th generation. And to avoid confusion with why the eighth model of a figure, for example Victoria 8, was developed on the basis of Genesis 4. One of the main features of the Daz3d Genesis 8 platform is its backward-compatibility with previous generations of Genesis. It provides even male to female clones. The backward-compatibility of Daz Studio Genesis 8 means that almost every asset and item that has been created for previous generations Genesis, Genesis 2 or Genesis 3 are compatible with Daz Studio Genesis 8 and can be used. Other features that are included in Daz3d Genesis 8 are:

      • Two main figures: male and female
      • Better default pose
      • Enhanced details and realism on figures toes, fingers and nail beds
      • Dramatically improved skin, its details and natural depth
      • High quality bending of heels and toes that allows to support most different shoe types
      • New eyelash system
      • Morphing that allows to characters, body types and other details to create unique characters
      • Wide facial expressions settings with PowerPose tool
      • Worked out flexibility and articulation

      To learn more about these features and others, it is better to compare the Genesis 8 daz platform directly to Genesis 3, you can check this comparison in the next section.

      Daz Studio Genesis 8 vs Genesis 3

      As was established in the last section, Daz3d Genesis 8 is simply an improved and newer version of Daz3d Genesis 3, but let’s go look deeper in all the points and analyze what exactly is different and why is it better.

      daz3d genesis 3 vs genesis 8

      Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 female figures

      As can be seen on screenshot – there is no vast noticeable difference between the figures on the first glance. But if you start taking a closer look on the details, such as skin, brows and eyes, you can see that the figure on the right looks a bit better and more realistic, while the left figure is a bit more cartoony. But a lot more differences can be seen if you go further and check other features:

      • As could be seen in the screenshot above, figures have different default poses. The genesis 8 daz figure has a superior pose that takes less place and is easier to work with.
      • Powerpose tool and expressions. Powerpose is a tool that introduces the user to a click and drag interface, where you can change positions of different elements of your character. This tool, just as any other, can be found along the path Window > Panes(Tabs), where you can open any window available in the Daz Studio. The Powerpose tool is especially powerful in making facial expressions on Daz3d Genesis 8 characters, because they have their own template. Older versions of Genesis use generic templates that are a lot less powerful.

      daz3d powerpose gensis 8 template

      Powerpose Genesis 3 Template

      daz3d powerpose default template

      Powerpose Genesis 8 Template in comparison

      daz3d genesis 8 facial expressions

      Genesis 8: Easy to create symmetrical and asymmetrical facial expressions

      • New eyelash system, that improves possibility of mixing and matching between characters.

      daz3d genesis 8 eyelash properties in daz studio

      Eyelash properties on Genesis 8 platform, not present on previous generations.

      • Compatibility. This word was already said a couple of times. But what exactly does it mean? Imagine scrolling down the shop and finding the perfect attire for your scene. But it was designed for the older, Genesis 2 generation. Well it is not a problem with Genesis 8. It means that if you try to apply any asset that was designed for any previous Generation, Daz Studio will detect it and ask you from what Generation this asset is, and after user answers a couple of questions, the software will fit the asset on the Daz3d Genesis 8 figure, as can be seen on the following example:

      daz genesis 8 figure wearing auto fitted genesis 2 clothes
      Genesis 8 figure in clothes designed for Genesis 2

      And even if, for some reason, the method above does not work, there are special tools created by professionals, so you can convert your Daz Studio Genesis 8 character into the previous Genesis 3 figure and use all assets that were created for this generation without any problems. There are a lot more minor differences between generations that we did not compare directly, for example better nails detail and fingers overall, improved skin quality and other. But one of the main things that are left is better customisation tools available on Daz3d shop such as high quality figures, head morphs, body morphs, aging morphs and skin creation.

      Daz3d Genesis 8 Morphs

      Morphing – is a tool available inside Daz Studio software that allows you to change your characters based on presets just by dragging sliders. The more you move the slider, the closer your figure looks like the preset.

      daz3d genesis 8 figure morphs

      Morphing sliders of a Genesis 8 figure

      There are default morphs available in Daz Studio for free. And you can with ease create interesting characters using it, as in example:

      two daz male figures with different morphs

      Basic figure and figure that was changed using default morphs

      But for creating truly unique characters you will need to look for more advanced morphs on the Daz3d shop. There you can find really powerful morphing presets for Daz3d Genesis 8, regarding which you can read in further sections about head morphs, body morphs, aging morphs and see some examples of said morphs in work.

      Daz 3d Genesis 8 Head Morphs

      What is usually the most noticeable, attractive and interesting part of a character? Most often this part is the face and head of your character, they attract a lot of attention. That is just human nature, first of all to look at the face. Therefore there is a huge selection of different and powerful head morphs. First of all we should look at the morphs that are provided from Daz3d itself. The male and female version of said morphs are available. These morphs do not make any huge, unrecognizable changes. The changes are much simpler, but still significant. You can change the most important things, such as the shape of the eyes, ears and nose, teeth, face shape or to make your character look older by adding various wrinkles and such.

      daz3d genesis 8 figure head morphs

      Genesis 8 morphs from Daz3d –  Female Head Morphs & Male Head Morphs

      Next on the list, are similar to last one, 200+ head and face for male and female figures separately. These morphs are basically as the last ones, but with a bigger collection, offering more variety and provided by different author. Such details can be changed on the figure using these morphs: Cranium, Face, Ears, Eyes, Forehead, Brows, Cheeks, Nose, Chin, Jaw, Mouth/Lips and Front Teeth. Also set includes 12 heads for males and 15 heads for female figures, that cover some of the ethnic appearances.

      Additional teeth morph for daz figures

      Some of the teeth morphs variants available in the set – 200+ Face Morphs for Genesis 8 Male.

      Face Shapes for Daz Studio Genesis 8 Male and Female. There is nothing unusual that could differentiate this product among the rest. It simply provides even more choice for changing the heads and faces of your characters for those who in need of exactly morphs like this ones or for those, who need even more choices.

      Face shapes for daz3d figures

      Some of the shape presets available in Face Shapes product – Face Shapes for Genesis 8 Female.

      And the last for the Face morphs, but not least – Face Enhancer tool. It allows the user to enhance face details of male and female characters, such as to add skin pores, lips bump, age lines and 3d micro skin details. Even though Daz3d Genesis 8 figures look realistic enough, when you have a close-up, you can see that it is still just a figure that looks uniform, but with tools like this, you can make your characters look photorealistic, as can be seen below:

      Additional face details by Face Enhancer for daz

      Genesis 8 figure without and with Face Enhancer morphs – Face Enhancer for Genesis 8 Male.

      Daz Genesis 8 Body Morphs

      Even though there are some body morphs present in the Daz Studio at the beginning for free, their capabilities are quite limited and if you want to make something different and more specific, then you should look for additional body morphs. Same, as with face morphs, there are official body morphs provided by Daz3d. For example to adjust breast and stomach size, or the length or thickness of the hands and feet and other dozens of morphs for you to combine in endless variety. Just like the head morphs, body morphs usually divided into individual male and female products.

      daz3d genesis 8 female body morphs

      Body morphs by Daz3D – Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs.

      And you can even improve this Body morphs by Daz3D. To do this, one must use the add-on called Body Mixer (male and female) which allows to split up all shapes from Daz3d body morphs into separate upper and lower areas that you can control independently. Add-on allows to mix and match upper and lower area details with other shapes as well as to remove or emphasize the said details.

      Body Mixer example for daz studio
      Shape combinations created with Body Mixer – Body Mixer for Male.

      Next on the body morphs topic we have Body Diversity Morphs, a product available only for female figures. This set of morphs is focused around nine full base figures: Curvy, Voluptuous, Skinny, Pear, Apple, HourGlass, Lanky, Petite & Sumptuous. Also there are seven separate HD details, that can be changed too.

      Body diversity examples for daz studio
      Base Figures from Body Diversity Morphs – Body Diversity Morphs.

      Last for the body morphs section is Shape Shift for Daz Studio Genesis 8. It’s one of the biggest morph products out there with a total of almost 300 morphs for Male and Female figures. It is designed to give its users maximum freedom and to allow creation of both realistic character shapes and stylized shapes without any problems.

      Shape shift features

      List of Male morphs available with the product – Shape Shift for Male.

      Genesis 8 Daz Aging Morphs

      There are plenty more different morphs and morph types, but the last that we are going to write about in this article is aging morphs. Basically all of the figures in Daz Studio look like they are young adults. But what if you want your character to be old? Or even just to look a bit older like they are 35 instead of 25? Aging morphs are created for exactly situations like this. There are two main aging morphs products on the Daz3d shop. The first one is Aging Morphs for Genesis 8 for male and female figures. It includes over 90 unique morphs that allows the user to make any character older to the degree they want. Morphs allow both to add just a few aging wrinkles and to age the whole body and make from your young figure – an elderly person. And one of the best things about this product is that it’s uniformed, meaning it can be stacked and applied with other morphs and shapes from different sets.

      daz3d female aging morphs

      Aging morphs applied on Daz3d Genesis 8 female figure – Aging Morphs for Female.

      And the second main aging morph on the shop would be the Aging Face Details available not only for Daz Studio Genesis 8 but for Genesis 3 too and as always divided into Male and Female variants. The main thing that differs this product from the last is that it is applied only to the face, instead of the whole body. But the morphs itself are quite stronger and more detailed. So if in your scene you can see only the face of your character or the body is hidden behind clothes, then you can easily prefer this one. It is designed to add aging details such as wrinkles in various areas of the face that can be chosen by the user.

      Aging face details for genesis 8 daz males

      Aging face details on a male figure face – Aging Face Details for Male.

      Daz Genesis 8 Skins

      There is one more tool available for the Daz Studio that can’t be ignored in this article. This tool is the Skin Builder 8 for Daz3d Genesis 8 available only for female figures. This is not a morphing tool, as the ones we discussed before, it is an exclusive Daz Studio system for skin customisation and skin creation. Since there are no built-in tools that can have this power. Yes, you can change the skins of your figures without the tool, but this product allows you to make something truly unique all by yourself. So how exactly can you change the skin using this system? First of all you can use the script that grants you an ability to blend skin texture from different races in any way you want. And then you can enhance the skins you made or other, already existing skins by blending and fading different skin tones and adding such details as Blotches, Dark Pores, Fine Skin Details, Freckles, Veins, Spider Veins, Age Spots, Moles, Acne, Stretchmarks and Tanlines

      Skin builder for daz studio

      Example of before and after using Skin Builder – Skin Builder.

      But, even though the main purpose of the tool is to enhance the skins of your characters by adding a lot of details, there are a lot of other functions available in the system. For example, Skin Builder allows you to apply makeup such as Blush, Eye Shadows, Eye Liners, Lips and to change and improve some parts of the body like Eyebrows, Eye Designs, Eyelashes, Nail colors and Genital Hair. The tool is so unique and powerful, that it is possible to create something fantasy and alien-like without any problems. And what is also very nice, the tool is uniformed, meaning that it can work with any skin that was based on Daz3D Genesis 8 Base Female figure.

      Realistic skin for daz genesis 8 female

      Realistic figure – Skin Builder.

      Fantasy skin for daz genesis 8 female
      Fantasy figure – Skin Builder.


      This article explained every main aspect that user should know about Daz3d Genesis 8 platform. Such as what is it in general and its main functions, purpose and pros, what is the difference between this and previous generation of the platform. We introduced you to the Daz3D shop and highlighted some of its products that you can buy and how to use them. Products like high quality figures for both male and female characters, Head, Body and Aging morphs. Furthermore, we also explained one of the most powerful add-on tools – Daz3d Genesis 8 Skin Builder. All in all, Daz3d Genesis 8 is a very useful and capable platform, that allows its user to create whatever character they might like. Be it some fantasy orc-like creature, outworldly alien or hyper realistic woman.

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