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      This tutorial explains how to create a 3D Among Us Game Character with Blender. We are going to make a cool character from Among Us in Blender in very easy steps. By the end of this article you will be able to render your full scene and why not, be able to create custom models too. Let’s begin!

      Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

      Before we start, I want to share a resourceful hotkey cheat sheet. Here you can check out the shortcuts of most actions we will perform in the article.

      Blender hotkeys shortcuts cheat sheet

      Get Your Reference

      I mean it! Get your visual references for this and any model you will be making in Blender. I also recommend downloading PureRef. It is a great desktop app to organize your images as well as visualize them more comfortably and speed up your work.

      PureRef image viewer desktop app reference 3d workspace


      Here is a reference of the model I will be making:

      among us crewmate impostor character


      Blender Modelling The Among Us 3D Character Body

      We will start by creating a cube Shift + A > Mesh > Cube (or you can use the default one).

      • In Object mode. Press 1 to enter the front orthographic view. Press S + Z to scale in the Z axis. Always Left Click to release and apply.

      blender create cube among us character 3d model

      • Go to the Modifiers pane located to the right. We will apply the Subdivision Surface modifier.

      blender subdivision surface modifier among us 3d model

      • Enter the Edit Mode (or press Tab). Enter the Edge Select Mode (Shortcut “2”)
      • We will add an edge loop to our model by pressing Ctrl + R. Left click to apply. Now move the loop as seen on the image and again left click to release.

      blender add edge loop among us 3d character

      • Press 3 to access the side orthographic view. Go to the Wireframe mode or press Z + 4.
      • In Vertex Select Mode (Shortcut: 1) we will click and drag to select the area seen in the picture. Press to move + Y on the Y Axis.

      blender move vertex edit mode among us 3d

      • In Object mode, if everything went fine so far, it should look similar to this. Press G + Z to move the model a little upwards since we will now focus on the legs.

      3d model object mode among us blender

      • Let’s go back a moment to the edit mode. Press Ctrl + 7 to access the Bottom Orthographic View.

      blender orthographic view legs among us character

      • In Vertex Select Mode, click and move (G) as shown below, we will now make room for the legs.

      blender orthographic view face select among us character

      • In Face Select Mode, select the two big polygons and go to the front orthographic view. Now hit E to extrude + Z to do it in the Z axis.

      blender extrude leg among us character

      • Once we reach a good distance, left click to release. Press S + Z + 0 to level in the Z axis. Again, left click to release.
      • We will go to the Wireframe mode, click and drag to select half of our model. Press Delete > Faces. In Object mode, go to the modifiers pane again and click on Mirror. This will make it easier for us to have a symmetrical model.

      blender mirror modifier among us 3d

      • In addition, right click in the viewport on the model > Shade Smooth.

      blender shade smooth apply among us 3d character

      • In Edit Mode – Edge Select Mode, add an edge loop (Ctrl + R) to the leg and then rescale everything on the Y axis.

      blender add loop leg 3d among us

      • By now you should have your modifiers applied. Go back to Object mode and hit apply to both, Mirror and Subdivision Surface. Back to Edit Mode we will make the goggles.
      • Repeat as shown in the image. Go to Vertex Select Mode, click both ends of the goggles’ contours and hit S to move away from each other.

      blender move vertices goggle 3d among us

      • In Face Select Mode, select the whole area for the goggles. Press I to intrude just a tiny bit and E to extrude. Left click to release.

      blender extrude goggles among us 3d side view

      • For the backpack, we will follow the same steps.

      blender backpack extrude among us 3d

      • Add again a Subdivision Surface modifier and hit apply. Right click in the model > Shade Smooth. Our model is done modeling.

      blender among us crewmate character 3d subdivision surface modifier

      Blender Materials for Among Us 3D Model

      • (In Object Mode) To create a material for our character, go to Material Properties and click New.

      blender add material among us 3d

      • Create a base material, like a red one in my case. In the Surface submenu, will find a set of parameters to modify the color as well as its metallicity, roughness and other material values. To view the changes go to the Material Preview Mode. 

      blender material preview mode viewport

      • Click on the plus sign, create another material for the goggles.

      blender material properties surface submenu

      • In Edit mode – Face Select Mode, click the goggles and select Assign under the material selected to apply.

      blender material assign character among us 3d

      Bonus: Blender Modelling A Santa Hat for 3D Among Us Character

      As a bonus, and since we are entering the Christmas season already, let’s make a nice Santa Hat.

      • Shift + A to add a new mesh. We will create a circle.
      • Enter Edit Mode, in Edge Select (2) > Press E to extrude + Z in the Z Axis. Left click to release.
      • Press again E to extrude and immediately, left click to release. You will see no changes. Now press S and it should scale inwards.

      blender santa hat create 3d

      • Enter the side orthographic view and keep extruding (E) moving (G) scaling (S) and rotating (R) until you get the cone shape of the hat.

      blender extrude santa hat christmas season 3d

      • A little trick here, Alt + Click in Edge Select and it will select the whole loop. We will do as shown below.

      blender santa hat 3d model christmas season

      • Click + B to add a bevel. Scroll to add or remove edge loops. It will give a smoother look to our stripe.
      • In Object Mode, apply a Subdivide Surface modifier and also right click in the viewport on the model> Shade Smooth.

      blender santa hat 3d model

      • Finally, create some materials and apply them to your model.

      blender santa hat material apply among us christmas

      Conclusion – How to create a 3D Among Us Game Character with Blender

      blender render cycles among us christmas season character 3d

      To sum up I want to say that even though the character seems simple at first glance, it has its tricks. But most importantly, we need to understand the process which will be similar for all kinds of models. Firstly, get your good references. Secondly, practice and master the modeling, texturing and lighting. Lastly, work at your pace and have a scheme on how to approach the idea. Make one step at a time and you will make anything.

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