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      In this article we will go step by step on how to uninstall the Daz3d Studio software as well as its components, data, and the Install Manager. It is important to perform a full clean uninstallation to free up storage and remove unwanted data. Lets quickly review this 3-step method.

      1) Uninstall Daz3D Studio and Its Components

      The first thing to do is uninstall Daz3D Studio itself. In order to do that, we need to open the Install Manager, log in to your account and go to the last tab where it says “Installed”.

      how to uninstall daz3d with the DIM

      We need to tickle in the box from the “Products” header to mark all the items. This also includes Daz Studio as well as components previously downloaded. Then we click in “Start Queue” to start with the uninstallation process. Reminder! Check your “Ready to Install” tab as well. In case you have items on the list, you will need to first install them and then uninstall with the rest of the products.

      This method is also useful if we want only partially uninstall daz 3d.

      2) Delete Data from Third-party Content

      In this step we want to remove all products that we may have downloaded from third-party websites and artists and do not appear in the Install Manager board. For that, we need to delete the “DAZ 3D” Folder located in the /Documents directory (In case you haven’t changed the default folder during your installation). Simply right click and delete.

      3) Uninstall the Install Manager

      Now for the last part we want to remove the Install Manager. Go to “Start” and type “Add or remove programs” in Windows.

      how to uninstall daz3d by removing from programs

      Once in the Settings window, we scroll down through the list until we find the application “Daz Installer Manager” as seen in the picture.

      how to remove daz install manager

      We click on the “Uninstall” button and proceed until the uninstallation has finished.

      That’s it. In three simple steps we have shown how to uninstall daz studio fully as well as unwanted data. If you want to re-install it then checkout our Daz Install Manager DIM vs DazCentral vs Daz3d Manual Install article.

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