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      What is daz3d used for or may better, what is it not used for? 3d Rendering is all around us and Daz 3d comes in handy, thanks to its easy and intuitive interface to let anyone even without deep 3d modelling skills create astonishing 3d renders within minutes. Here are some interesting ways you can use the Daz Studio software, for either artistic or commercial purposes, so let’s get started!

      Book Covers Are One Example What Is Daz3d Used For

      Another alternative what is daz3d used for is to create amazing covers for your books. Think about it, sometimes we do judge by the cover! Especially when it comes to fantasy books. Just get your things together, vampires, castles, warriors and wizards and make exciting scenes. See the results of other artists here or some tutorials there.

      Image of a house when it’s getting dark – perfect setting for a horror or mysterious book story – Harwood House

      Create Comics & Visual Novels with Daz3d

      For those who have great ideas and probably not the right drawing skills, I highly recommend Daz 3D. It is an essential tool for making your own comic book. In fact, you can use Daz Studio alongside Photoshop to create your entire novel. The idea is basically to customize your characters, create some background, bring some objects and give them life. The software will come in great help when adding the expressions and the right poses so you can take the shots that will make each of the panels. It would only remain to render each scene, and finish your work setting up the layout and text in Photoshop. In addition, Daz enables you to play freely with visual styles. There is a choice for everyone, whether you want to create comics, more realistic sketches or go fully manga. You can download the necessary shader packs right from the marketplace. You can also get a full tutorials to get started with comic creation. Also checkout the daz3d forum about daz3d comic book tips and this great youtube channel about making a comic with daz studio.

      All about how to create your comic with daz studio – Comic Creation Course

      Daz 3d Art & Fantasy Art

      This is one of the main reasons the software was released in the first place. The idea around coming up with unique scenes that also seem to come alive. The software has made it possible to achieve high quality renders thanks to realistic depth of fields, outstanding lighting and the technology from NVIDIA IRay for creating daz 3d art with life like images.

      fantasy art done with daz3d - another popular use case for what is daz3d used for

      Fantasy render with Daz Studio – Fantasy Art Master


      Some users resort to Daz 3d for game assets since the software provides a wide range library of items from the marketplace. You can find from landscape sceneries to weapons, furniture, clothing and even animals.

      3d renders of gangster weapons in daz studio

      Selection of weapon 3d models – Gangster Weapon Bundle

      3d rendering of medieval weapons

      3d fantasy weapons – Fantasy Weapons

      Another great use case for what is daz3d used for is the possibility to shoot a game intro or a movie scene bringing together assets with characters. Your project, your preference. Some artists go even further, making interactive stories where the user decides what’s next. The plot develops as the scene choices play along. Make it even more attractive with realistic characters and high-quality assets, the rendering does the rest.

      3d model of a horse for daz studio

      3d model of a horse – Daz Horse 2

      Sketch Animations / Movie Creation

      Sketch fast animations for showcase! Shoot interior scenes for design purposes or scenes for short films or game clips. Thanks to its Iray rendering technology, you will get the best results shooting scenes in Daz 3d. You can easily import your OBJ objects from Render or any platform, add also your customized characters and get your animation going. As an example, you can use your own assets or purchase them from the marketplace to shoot a game intro. Or for design purposes, you can always make walkthroughs around interior spaces. Thanks to its great lighting settings, flawless movements of camera and high-quality materials and textures, the results are truly impressive.

      Magazine Covers

      Apart from comic books, we wanted to show there is still more creation ahead. Here one example of a fictive magazine cover. What do you think?

      3d poses that can be used for a magazine cover rendered in daz

      Fashion model poses for Daz Studio – Fashion Editorial Poses

      Music Covers

      Don’t forget that you can also make your music album covers, like many artists on Soundcloud do, this is just one more use case of what is daz3d used for:

      Music cover example of a dj equipment 3d model

      Electro-music style render – Dj Equipment

      YouTube Covers

      Create catching YouTube covers to appeal your audience and to get high click through rates. Use characters in any type of videos such as in music playlists. They get along pretty well with Lo-fi music, I’ve been told.

      3d female character for daz studio

      daz 3d character – Aurore

      Film Covers

      Step up your artwork and create all sorts of film covers effortlessly.

      back street 3d model for daz3d

      3d render of a dark street – Dark Back Street

      Concept Art – Another Example for What Is Daz3d Used for

      This is where the software really excels and the reason why it gained so much popularity. It is really easy to create unique characters based on ready-made 3d models – have a look at all the daz art out there build on top of ready to use models. Some of these models already come as a bundle with the software and are available as soon as you open the program. There is no doubt the outcomes are unprecedented, and designers from big industries have said that using Daz Studio is an advantage due to its flexibility. You could prototype character art for your next Iron Man, Captain America and Thor with a view clicks. Not only that, you can also import texture maps to add to your character. Then add the pose, gesture and ready to render. Or export for further use in Render, Maya, and on.

      knight 3d model rendering

      Knight 3d model – The Bellowtalons Knight Outfit

      3d model of a woman in daz

      3d model of a woman – Kala 8

      Drawing Purposes – Another Application for What Is Daz 3d Used For

      Many artists will find this resource very helpful. You might say “Well, I am more into sketching in paper, drawing some figures and portraits”. The interesting part is that Daz 3d is also a good guide to understand transition of bodies, anatomy in general, movements, as well as clothing folds, and so on. This is just another example what is daz3d used for. Many times we need to get a pose the right way and we do not have a model, brother or sister, or any member of the family around. So it will be hard to ask someone to recreate that pose. Luckily, we have a software that does exactly that. Get your character, indicate the pose or facial expression and no more worries. Among certain specific features, we have Morphs. It consists of the possibility to distort a model in size, proportions and details. For example, it lets you tune between a man and a werewolf. It can also help you replicate aging.

      daz studio plugin to change age

      Aging Morphs

      For the expressions, also known as facial morphs, it is clear by far this is one of the richest features. You can use the software to either manually play with the settings to or use a preloaded library. In any case, the possibilities are limitless.

      daz studio expressions for male genesis characters

      Real Male HD Expressions

      Thanks to some advancement from the software in terms of physics, you can achieve incredible realistic results. The DForce technology is capable of replicating the correct placement and movement of pieces of clothing, as well as hair and other complex materials.

      dForce dress rendered in daz

      Rendered dforce dress – Tropical Breeze Outfit

      3d Printed Collectibles – Another special Use Case What Is daz3d Used For

      One of my favorite ways to use the potential of the software by far is the chance to get your own 3d figure. Once again, create your character from scratch, adding all your best assets. Once you are done with it, simply send it for printing. You can download the plugin to make your order. Just a click and they will do the rest! You will get in a premium class figure, hand painted. Also, the software will interpret your figure so you have later no issues with small details in the printing process. Another great use case what is daz3d used for.

      3d printing - often what is daz3d used for

      GamePrint plugin

      2d to 3d Face

      Create an authentic 3D version of yourself or others with accurate skin tone and shading by simply uploading a photograph in Daz Studio.

      2d to 3d face in daz studiousing face transfer

      Face Transfer Unlimited

      The Face Transfer System will transfer your face shape, bone structure, texture, and tone to match your real you. Get immersed in medieval times or fight deep-sea creatures with a realistic version of you.


      Check out what users have been up to! It is pretty likely that you have encountered these images before around the web, and that is because they all use Daz. See here some of the daz community renders around wallpapers.

      what is daz3d used for - wallpaper rendering

      Llamaghini Gallopngo and Industrial Garage

      Phone Case Covers, Also What Is Daz3d Used For

      You can also use your designs to print your phone case.

      Phone cover - another wha is daz3d used for example


      Create Environment Concept

      Environment refers to not only the architecture around the scene, but also the proper lighting and visual temperature. Daz 3d lets you set up skydomes, include HDRI images and many more. In addition, there are tons of sceneries available in the marketplace to fill in your space and get professional renders with no effort. Here an example of a western like environmen.

      3d western environment for daz3d

      The Streets Of the Wild West and behind the scenes

      cyberpunk 3d environment in daz studio

      Cyberpunk Subway Station

      All Lot of Use Cases Showing What Is Daz3d Used for – What Is Yours?

      Overall, we have seen many interesting possibilities that show what is daz3d used for. Now you decide what comes next. From comics to phone cases, there is a way for everyone who wants to develop and share their artwork. Get yourself going and checkout our how to install Daz Studio article. You have the ideas, now it is the moment to put it all together and give it a go. No excuses for a while, and no time to lose!

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