Freja 9 HD

Freja 9 HD

Freja 9 HD is a strong and bold warrior ready to lead and defend her Viking clan. Whether she's hunting local wildlife or charging into battle, bring Freja into your historical, fantasy, and action scenes!

Genesis 9 advancements include:

8K HD Materials
Included standard with the base Genesis 9 figure.

Asymmetry Morphs
Give your characters more “character” with asymmetrical modifications.

Improved Posing & Animation
With enhanced bone hierarchy and industry-standard naming.

Real-World Proportions
Real-world measurements and a new Proportions System make realistic character customization easier than ever before.

Unified Figure
Blendability of cross-gender shapes brings next-level character diversity and support for add-ons like clothing, hair, accessories, and more.

For additional savings, check out the Freja 9 HD Mega Bundle, Freja 9 HD Dawn Warrior Bundle, and Freja 9 HD Valkyrie Bundle!

Freja 9 HD

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