FRQ dForce: Agile Cloak for G8 and G9

Agile Cloak is a versatile cloak perfect for fantasy, historical and sci-fi renders. Special attention has been paid to adjustment morphs so that you will be able to fit a wide variety of clothing and even many hairs underneath.
* Rigged, dForce-ready Cloak (G8F/G8M/G9FM)
* Many adjustment and character morphs (see file list below)
* PBMs, many have been set to empty to keep the cloak from distorting.
* Iray materials (see promo images)
* Instruction .PDF


* Separate 8-bone cloak rig for advanced user control. Many adjustment morphs.

* Supports many DAZ character morphs and all expansion full body morphs.
Expansion chest and other partial body morphs have been included to the extent that they cause distortion in the mesh.

* Many adjustment morphs to help you adjust for clothing and hair underneath.

Notes on this product:

* For Agile Cloak, pay attention to any unsupported face morphs that may affect the hood.
You will need to use the timeline and make sure they are set to 0 on the starting frame.
Some popular character head morphs have been included and those can be used on the starting frame or without the timeline.

* Simulate and freeze any clothing that is to be worn underneath first. Then load (or unhide) the cloak.
Use adjustment morphs to deal with any poke through. Simulate.

dForce Tips:

* For more dForce tips and how to set up your simulation, please check the included instruction PDF.

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