A Unique and Original sculpted head and body morph based on our interpretation of a traditional Jester/Fool for the Michael 4 base.

A Traditional Elizabethan conforming Jester Suit made for The Funnyman Character complete with Cowl,Tunic,Jester hat and boots

3 Awesome Little Skully Bonker Sticks (2 parented for left and right hand, 1 unparented prop version)

All Complete textures created for the Funnyman Character..
2 – Head options (natual and Eyes Gouged out)
2 – Eye options (Deep Brown and Sinister Black)
6 – 2nd skin options of Coloured Tights for the Funnyman
1 – Genitals option

14 – Matching Jester Hat options for Both M4 Version and Little Skully Bonker Stick
9 – Matching Cowl options for Both M4 Version and Little Skully Bonker Stick
8 – Tunic options
8 – Boots options
6 – Bell options for both the Jester hat and boots

ALL Required MAT poses

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