FutureCop has a been made with lots of morphs and cool features.
listed below are the instructions in their use.

As Future cop is mostly made of metal, I have set some limits to the movement of the joints,
but in general the movements aren’t limited below the normal range of human movement.
Unchecking “Use limits” in the Poser menu won’t work as they are coded into the CR2
file. For this reason I have included two icons in the “Figures menu”, one with
limits and on with them off so you just need to load whichever one you wish to use.

For this package I have created several morphs for different parts of the body.
These include a Gun Door Morph to access the thigh mounted gun.
A bicep Morph for the right arm to access the Police emergency beacon.
and four face morphs for expressions, Smile, Eyes Close/Open, Purse Lips/Grimace and Pout.
To use these morphs you just need to select the relevant body part and use the dials provided.

in the case of the GunDoor Morph There are two dials, Please use the GunDoor open morph before the
Gun Carriage Out one otherwise the door will pass through the metal of the main thighbody.
This is not essential but looks better if animating.

I have included several Armor colour styles including for example a camoflage texture.All in the Pose\Mat pose Directory.

I have made a Mat pose for the thigh mounted gun which makes it invisible so that if he has the smart propped
gun in his hand the one in his thigh cannot be seen. There is also one to switch it back on.

Similarly His helmet can be removed ( Actually hidden ) with another Mat pose, in the Pose\Mat pose directory.
to switch it back on just use the mat pose for the armour colour currently in use.

The facial morphs can be mixed and matched for variations in expression.

The FutureCop Gun Prop is parented to the right hand and there is an included hand pose for the Gun grip
As well as 7 others.

I have set IK chains for the feet but I prefer not to use them myself.
This is your choice. You may uncheck them if you wish.

Another feature this model includes are Hand Grasp and Thumb Grasp dials to make posing the hands

For your convenience I have made a few poses to get you started + a zero or default pose.

When Rendering Please tick the displacement maps box and set the minimum displacement. This is
for the displacement mat on his elbow pivot joints.

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