G2 Career Series Bundles

G2 Career Series Bundles

14 Complete Outfits for the Poser G2 Figures!
Create your own Poser adventures in your favorite line of work! This fantastic clothing collection includes 14 complete outfits from different careers for use with G2 figures. You will receive 7 male outfits that can be used with G2 Simon, Kelvin, Koji and James, and 7 female outfits that can be used on G2 Sydney and Jessi.

The Career Series Clothing Super Bundle features:?


  • G2 Male outfit with Pants, Shirt, Jacket, Shoes, Tie, Briefcase, Phone, Computer and Coffee Cup. Also Includes over 10 poses
  • G2 Female outfit with Skirt, Shirt, Jacket, Shoes, Briefcase, Phone, Computer and Coffee Cup. Also Includes over 10 poses


  • G2 Male outfit with unicycle, horn, juggling pins, ballons for props and red nose, and rainbow wig, jumper and shoes
  • G2 Female outfit with Shoes, Hat, Panties, Shirt, Skirt, and Stockings


  • G2 Male Doctor outfit with Scrubs top and pants, Lab Coat, Rubbergloves, Posable Stethoscope, Thermometer, Socks and Shoes
  • G2 Female Nurse outfit with Dress, Hat, Socks & Shoes with Thermometer


  • G2 Male outfit with shirt, pants, cap, socks, shoes
  • G2 Female outfit with shirt, skirt, cap, socks, shoes

Service Industry

  • G2 Male Firefighter outfit with Boots, hat, Jacket with straps, Jacket, shirt, pants with suspenders, Fire Extinguisher with posable nozzle on hose, axe, badge, oxygen tank
  • G2 Female Police outfit with badge, billy club and billy club ring to attach to belt/pants, posable cuffs, gun and holster which loads on belt and opens to holster gun, keys, radio and radio bag – which fits on belt to hold radio, hat, pants, shoes, socks, shirt


  • G2 Male Referee outfit with Pants, Shirt, Socks, Shoes, Coin, Flag and Whistle. Also Includes 5 poses!
  • G2 Female Cheerleader outfit with Pompom and Megaphone Props with Hand Poses, Conforming Shell and Skirt with 5 Alternate Materials, Shorts, Socks and Shoes


  • G2 Male and G2 Female outfit with Jumpsuit and Workboots

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