Gate to Unknown

The gate is there for thousands of years, and still, nobody knows who built it and where it leads. Not even one of the many people trying to see what’s on the other side has ever returned. No tech sent any signal back. Everything humans sent through the artifact has been lost forever.

The Gate to Unknown remains an ancient mystery.

This artifact has 2 versions. One is placed in a very cold wintry environment, while the other one was discovered in an arid desert. Both environments being not very hospitable, with no vegetation to be found — just old rocks and boulders and some strange plants hanging on the rings, complete the scene.

The scenes are optimized for the Iray engine and include 12 camera presets. The surfaces of the props are logically grouped so you can use other shaders to modify the aspect of the rings, hands, hanging plants, boulders, etc.

Both scenes include ground fog, which you can enable/disable or modify in Render Settings and the Environment tab.

Hope you’ll enjoy it. Happy rendering. 🙂

Gate to Unknown (.DUF)
Cameras (Camera 01 – Camera 12)
Gate to Unknown – Summer Scene
Gate to Unknown – Winter Scene
G2U Gate to Unknown
G2U Boulders
G2U Ring Plants
G2U MAT 1 – Boulders
G2U MAT 1 – Gate to Unknown
G2U MAT 1 – Ring Plants
G2U MAT 2 – Boulders
G2U MAT 2 – Gate to Unknown
G2U MAT 2 – Ring Plants
17 Diffuse, Roughness, Normal, and Displacement Maps (800 x 800 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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