GDN Lip Resource G3F


Product Description:

GDN Lip Resource for Genesis 3 Female

This a Merchant Resource.

Specially created for Those who like to create custom Lip shapes for their Genesis 3 Female.

What is included:

32 Custom Sculpted Lip Details
+BONUS 10 Lip Presets Styles (Apply&Remove)

A list of the 32 Morph names:

-GDN Lip Bottom Centre Down
-GDN Lip Bottom Closed
-GDN Lip Bottom Dimple
-GDN Lip Bottom Edge Down
-GDN Lip Bottom Edge Up
-GDN Lip Bottom Fat
-GDN Lip Bottom Out
-GDN Lip Bottom Slightly Open
-GDN Lip Bottom Small
-GDN Lip Bottom Small 02
-GDN Lip Bottom Width
-GDN Lip Top Centre Up
-GDN Lip Top Centre Width
-GDN Lip Top Closed
-GDN Lip Top Detail 01
-GDN Lip Top Edge Down
-GDN Lip Top Edge Up
-GDN Lip Top Fat
-GDN Lip Top Out
-GDN Lip Top Pointy 01
-GDN Lip Top Pointy 02
-GDN Lip Top Puffy Detail
-GDN Lip Top Slightly Open
-GDN Lip Top Small
-GDN Lips Curve
-GDN Mouth Corner Depth
-GDN Mouth Small
-GDN Mouth Width
-GDN Philtrum Curve
-GDN Philtrum Small
-GDN Philtrum WIdth
-GDN Top Lip Centre Small

Mix and match these lip details or presets and create beautiful mouth/lip shapes for your Genesis 3 Female Figure
“You can play with the values of the parameter dials”

This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.8


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