Gear Up

Gear Up

Collection of high-quality props. 12 military pouches and holsters.
You can put them on your character's outfit in 'velcro-style'.


– Gun holster
– Gun (smart prop associated with gun holster)
– Knife holster
– Knife (smart prop associated with knife holster)
– Pouch A (small pouch)
– Pouch B (gun mag pouch)
– Pouch C (double automatic rifle mags)
– Pouch D (flashbang pouch)
– Pouch E (E&E pouch)
– Pouch F (big versatile pouch)
– Pouch G (multi-purpose bag)
– Pouch H (pouch with canteen)

You can apply any of 8 different camouflage style materials to each pouch.

Poser version comes with Firefly materials (which also renders great in Superfly engine).

DAZ Studio comes with Nvidia Iray materials.

Gear Up