Genesis 2 to Genesis 3 Pose Converter


Have you tried to use your library of Genesis 2 poses on Genesis 3? Are the pose results not matching up quite as expected? Then this product is for you.

Genesis 3 contains different rigging, therefore Genesis 2 poses cannot be used without some form of translation in order to represent the original pose. This is where the pose converter comes in. With this batch script you can now convert all of your Genesis 2 Poses to Genesis 3. With just a few clicks, your Genesis3 figure will be in posing heaven.

Product features:

Converts pose sets from Genesis 2 to be compatible with Genesis 3.
Can convert entire Genesis 2 Female or Male pose directory or individual pose sets.
What’s Included and Features
01 Genesis 2 to Genesis 3 Pose Converter (.DSE)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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