Genesis Alive

Genesis Alive! is a collection of custom morphs and aniBlocks that together with Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs and Genesis Evolution: Muscularity complete the necessary muscular control to fine tune your animations with secondary motion like flexing, blinking, breathing and swallowing. The included custom morphs give you the ability to control the right and left side of Genesis muscles independent from one another.

Use Evolution: Body Morphs and Evolution: Muscularity in conjunction with Genesis Alive! for a complete control of Genesis anatomy. These aniBlocks when combined with your full body motion blocks from GoFigure will give your animations the extra dimension of realism to take it to the next level. And now includes additional hand poses and eyes gestures aniBlocks.

Control both soft body bouncing and muscle flexing in your animation using aniBlocks on your timeline. Sliding, extending and editing timing of blocks will give you a more clear visual and control than having to use the sliders. Make your character breathe, blink, swallow, flex and create and choreograph soft body secondary motion with these aniBlocks.